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How Can I Get My Website On Top Of Google Search Result?

Every website owner has a dream to get their website on top of Google search result. Why on top and why in Google? Many expert may not recommend this saying any business should not reply just on one source of traffic, but it should get traffic from many other sources like other search engine (bing, […]

Google AdWords Improved Navigation & Interface

Google is testing a new and improved dashboard with better navigation. Two important changes I noticed is It merged two top navigation a) Drop down menu + b) Adwords main menu.  And so we have more space below navigation. Drop Down navigation is improved more and we can access account directly under Sub- MCC. Earlier we had […]

Facebook Advertisement Account Access without Sharing Email & Passwords

Sometime you may feel need to advertise your website, product, services or facebook page via facebook advert. If you are not expert, then you may need to hire someone who can setup and manage your Facebook advertisement. But, You may not like to share your login details and give him complete right to your Facebook […]