We are India based PPC management company and our PPC packages depend on many factors like

  • Monthly advertising budget
  • Size of Ads account (No. of campaigns, keywords, ads etc)
  • Types of campaigns (search, shopping, smart, video etc)
  • and resources required to manage it.

We charge a fixed price for a small budget account while for a large budget account, we charge a percentage of monthly Ad spend.

Here is an example of our PPC Pricing structure.

  1. If your budget is below $500 or ₹30,000, then you can subscribe to our basic PPC Package and
  2. if your budget is above $5000 or ₹300,000, then we charge 7% of the monthly ads spend. (read below for detailed pricing structure)

So any business with a small monthly budget like $500 to $100,000 per month can hire our best PPC services for a small monthly fee. Side by side comparison of PPC Pricing is given below.


Given below are our standard Google ads management costs per month. Work details are mentioned for each package. We also offer custom Adwords packages or PPC pricing to businesses with unique requirements.

These 3 PPC Packages are good for small to medium size accounts with a budget of up to ₹300,000 or $5000. Contact us for a custom package for a larger monthly ad budget.

Monthly ad budget up to ₹50K ($1000)

Fee: Contact for a low price
Goal: Lead generation
Platform: 1 (Google or Facebook)

  1. Search Campaign
  2. Remarketing ads
  3. Call only campaign
  4. Display campaign
  5. Dynamic search campaign
  6. Shopping campaign
  7. Apps Promotion
  8. Youtube video campaign

Monthly ad budget ₹50k-₹1.5L | $1000-$3k

Fee: ₹14000 ($199)
Goal: Lead & product sale
Platform: 1 (Google or Facebook)

  1. Search campaign
  2. Display campaign
  3. Call only campaign
  4. Dynamic search campaign
  5. Shopping campaign
  6. Remarketing campaign
  7. Apps Promotion
  8. Youtube Ads (limited ads)

Monthly ad budget ₹1.5L-₹3L | $2k-$5k

Fee: ₹21000 ($299)
Goal: Lead, Sale, branding
Platform: upto 2

  1. Search campaign
  2. Display campaign
  3. Call only campaign
  4. Dynamic search campaign
  5. Shopping campaign
  6. Remarketing campaign
  7. Youtube video campaign
  8. Apps campaign (iOS & Android)

PPC Ads Cost structure

There are 2 types of PPC or Google Ads cost involved. One is the Agency PPC management fee and the second is advertising cost.

It is important to note that Google or Facebook do not pay commissions to agencies

Many agencies claim that Google pays them a commission and so they do not charge any monthly fee. Most of such agencies or experts take the whole amount ( budget amount) from clients and do not give transparent expanse details. They never share actual PPC dashboards where the client can see reports on ads and cost.

An honest PPC agency gives complete access or reports to their client and keeps things transparent. That's why we charge a separate PPC Management Fee and clients can pay directly to Google, Facebook for their ad spend.


A PPC agency gives time and uses its resources to set up, monitor and optimize ads for the best possible result. They help businesses to get the best possible result from their PPC marketing budget. For this, they have a professional PPC package or Google ads Package and this depends upon many factors like

  • Types of PPC advertisement
  • PPC Budgets
  • Size of Accounts
  • Time involves managing campaign
  • and any mutual agreement.


This is the marketing budget for PPC and it is completely used to promote client’s business on Google or Facebook or both. Ads are charged for each click or view on ads. So, depending on budget, a business will get corresponding ad clicks, views and results. There is no fixed rule on how much one should spend on PPC Services, but it should be according to

  • Number of Ads Platform (eg. Google, Facebook)
  • Market competitions
  • Ads targeting Location and
  • Goals of the company.

With Each Google Ads Packages (PPC Plans), we offer many complimentary services

Google Analytic Setup (free)

Google analytic is a website traffic monitoring platform. We use it to view the visitor's behavior and make our decision accordingly.

Conv. Tracking (free)

No marketing program can be successful without tracking and monitoring its results. Conversion tracking helps us understand ROI.

24x7 Support

Each of our PPC Package & Services comes with 24 hr email support while other supports are available during working hours.

Competitor Research

All our advertising campaigns start with market research & discussion with the client. It helps us design better strategies.

Website Consultation

Google ads or FB ads are not just about creating ads & targeting an audience. Websites play half of the role and it needs to be better optimized.

100% Transparency

Our clients get full administrative access to our Ads account. They can see reports & billing in real-time. Also gets full Account ownership.

Factors affecting PPC or Google ads cost

Nature of your business: Advertisement for some businesses can be very costly due to high competition for it. For example, if you are selling high-worth items ( like any property) then surely everyone will try to pay higher to get a customer and this increases the competition and so you will have to pay more to Google Ads.

Keywords: Some keywords can be cheap while some are very costly. So it also decides how much Google Ads pricing will be. If more advertisers are competing on similar keywords then its price ( bidding) will increase and in some cases, one click can cost more than $100.

Ads Position: The top of the position is more costly than the position below it. So if an Ads is showing in the 1st position may pay 30% more than Ads showing in 3rd position. One of the best strategies is to make more attractive ads and show in the 2nd or 3rd position. Better Google Ads can get more clicks even at this position.

Location and Time: If there are more advertisers in a location for the same keywords, then it will increase the cost of Google Ads and similarly it may cost at prime time.

Optimization & Management: How well is your campaign and keywords optimized also decides the cost of keywords. For the same position, the cost of a click can be different and it depends upon the keyword's quality score. This QS depends upon many factors and it can be increased with better account optimization.

We can not control the competition in the market and so the cost of Google ads. It doesn't mean it is not profitable. Millions of businesses are using Google Ads or PPC to make huge profits. One needs to make a better strategy while using Google Ads.

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