Google Ads Agency in India

We're a Specialised Google Ads management agency in India.

Our agency is Google certified partner and all our team members are highly skilled in Google ads management.

We are a Google Ads agency in India since 2010. We are specialized in lead generation and eCommerce sales with Google ads.

Our agency manager all types of Google ads such as Google search ads, shopping ads, youtube video ads, remarketing, Apps promotion, display advertising.

Our GoogleAds agency also helps with landing page optimization to boost conversion and reduce cost per conversion.

Add an experienced google adwords agency in your team

Not every business has the resource to hire a PPC expert team. Many business owners are even too busy to learn & manage their Google ads. This is where our agency can help you to manage your Google ads at a low cost. Our agency can help you with complete strategy making, setup, and regular management of AdWords campaigns.

Google ads take lots of time, effort and skill to produce profitable results. It needs years of experience to understand keywords behaviours, which types of ads copies work and what audience to target for your business. With our decade of experience, our PPC agency has all the resources, tools & experience to setup & run a winning AdWords campaign.

What is Google Ads (AdWords)?

Google Ads (AdWords) is a Google online advertising platform that anyone can use to advertise their website/business online with google. It can help you drive interested people to your website

It allows you to take advantage of millions of searches that take place on Google each day. is a certified Google Ads agency that can create ads and show when someone searches for your product and services in your targeted location. We have a team of Google ads specialists to handle any type of PPC Ads.


  • Start with any min or maximum budget
  • No long term contract
  • Start, Stop anytime you wish
  • Show ads in any particular location
  • Complete control on Ads timing
  • 100% transparent report & billing

Google Ads Agency in India

India is popular for lots of things like diversity in culture, language, its ancient places and religions. India has established itself as a one of the world's top IT hub and has millions of skilled IT professionals available round the clock. Digital marketing is one of the most trending industries here and one can find many skilled digital marketing agencies in India. Google ads is a specialized digital marketing and few of these agencies are expert .

There are many Google AdWords agencies in India that can manage Google ads campaigns for lead generation or sales. We are one of the top PPC agencies in India that work on Google ad for small to medium size businesses. Google Ads or Adwords can be used to promote different types of business via multiple channels to achieve different business goals. Whether you want to generate leads or sell products, Google Ads has all the options.

Google AdWords agency India

Our Google Ads Services can help you acheive your business goals

Lead Generation

If you goal is to get more email inquiry, call or chat from website, then Google ads can help you. Search ads are more popular to generate quality leads. If you have extra budget, then you can also try other types of ads camapigns.

Selling products online

To sell your products, you need to have an eCommerce website. Recommended & most popular ads are Shopping Ads. Search, Smarts ads also work great to sell product with Google Ads.

Mobile Apps promotion

If your business has a mobile app on Android or iOS, then you can try Google ads universal mobile ads which can help you get more installation as well as increase engagement. This is cheap and completely measurable.

youtube video promotion

Youtube is new destination after Google search to find information, learn new skills etc. with Google video ads campaign, you can promote your video on youtube and other partner sites to get more views and subscribers.

A business may have different goals like brand awareness, new product launch etc. These all can be achieved with Google ads. Get in touch with our Google ads specialist to learn more.

Where my Google Ads will be shown?

  • Google Search: When a user search in Google then the advertiser can show relevant ads to those users. Ads are either text ads or shopping ads for eCommerce websites.
  • Display Network: Millions of website has been partnered with Google to show ads on their website, mobiles, blogs, etc. These are known as display network. They reach almost 90% of internet users worldwide.
  • Mobile Apps
  • Mobile search
  • Any website which is part of the google ads network.

How I can start using it?

Google AdWords is a free platform and anyone can register and start advertising on it. Adwords is a very powerful but highly complex web application and so expert-level knowledge is highly recommended to use it otherwise it can cost a lot to an advertiser which can ruin his online adventure.

What is the minimum budget to start Google ads?

There is no minimum or maximum budget requirement for AdWords, You can start with any budget. But to get an idea of the budget, you have to do some keyword research, their cost in your targeting location. GoogleAds has an inbuilt tool that anyone can use to get an estimate of keywords cost, clicks and budget.

How much does Google Ads cost?

Google is very fair about charging money from advertisers. unlike TV, radio ads, you can get complete reports on ad spending. You can use any one of the below ads bidding method

  • Cost per click- CPC: You will be charged when a user clicks on your ads but not for showing ads. These methods used for showing ads in the Google search & display network.
  • CPM - Cost per thousand impressions: You can select this bidding method in a display network where you will be charged for showing ads and not for clicking on ads. it is good for branding purposes.
  • CPV-Cost per view: Generally it used for advertising your video on youtube and other view sites where you will be charged for each view on your video ads.

Check Google Ads pricing here.

What payment methods available for Google ads?

There are different payment methods available to pay for Google ads. Depending upon your country, you will find 2 major ways of the billing method.

  • Automatic (post-pay): you can use your credit card, debit card or direct debit from your bank account. Google gives you a limit or a monthly date when it will charge your account or card.
  • Prepay: WIth this payment method, you need to top-up your account in advance. Once it is finished, your ads will stop running.