Facebook Ads


Facebook is #1 Social media website in terms of users, time spends and revenue. Facebook is bringing lots of new features to maintain its top position.

Facebook User Statics

Who would like to miss the opportunities to reach millions of customers on Facebook? No One.

Advertising on Facebook

A business owner can reach to his targeted audience in two way

  1. Promoting organically, but it will take much time to become popular on facebook.
  2. Facebook Advertisement, This is a fast process to sell your services or product on facebook.

Facebook has helped millions of people to connect with their old buddies, family and share their life events. Most of the people don't care about sharing their personal information directly or indirectly to facebook.  Some of this personal information can be

  1. Name
  2. Gender
  3. Age/Birthday
  4. Schooling
  5. Location
  6. their interest
  7. Life Events
  8. Current Job
  9. Company
  10. Likes & dislikes

and facebook collects more than this much information about a user. He tracks each & every activity of users and knows a user present, past requirements and can also predict future requirements. These data help Facebook Ads to serve highly personalized ads to the user.


Facebook Ads Targeting
Facebook Ads Targeting Options

Facebook offers different targeting options to show ads to a user. It can be Location, gender, age, interest, behaviors, Demographics, Digital Activities and many more.

You can select one or a combination of many targeting options to pinpoint your customers before advertising to them.

Selecting the right targeting is one of the most critical tasks to bring the desired result from Fb Advertising.




Facebook Ads campaignFacebook offers different types of creatives right inside Facebook Ads Manager. These can be banner ads, image slider, video, Leads ads and many more. You can get different types of ad creation depending upon your campaign Goal.

You can select your goal as per your business requirements.



There are multiple types of Ads and most of them can be designed by selecting any of the below options.

Types of Facebook Ads

Facebook AdsImage Ads: These are the most popular ads where you can select one or multiple images to design your Ads or carousel Ads. Facebook offers you the option to write a description and title of Ads along with the option to add your website link or lead form.

Video Ads: If you have video then you can create video ads just like image ads. even you can create your video ads with multiple images (slideshow Ads). The process of creating most of these ads is similar except ads like product ads, leads form etc.

Instant Experience: These are a fullscreen experience that shows on mobile. It opens after someone taps ad on a smartphone.

Collection Ads: If you are selling products, then these ads are for you to promote on mobile devices. It allows 5 products in ads. Your customers can discover, browse and purchase products from their phones in a visual and immersive way.


Like any other advertising, you can decide your daily or lifetime budget to advertise on Facebook. If are well experienced with Facebook advertisement, then you can start with any good budget, but if you are new and uncertain about the outcome, then start with a small budget and see the result. Gradually you can start increasing the budget with the result. There is no minimum or maximum limit. You can start with one dollar too.


Most of the business owners don't have time to learn and do everything. So its wise to outsource facebook ads management to some competent agency like us. Benefits of agency is

  • No need to hire a permanent employee
  • Low Cost compared to an employee's salary
  • Expertise of many years
  • Experience of working with many projects in the industry which they can utilize
  • No Long term contract. Start End in any month
  • Free consultations on new opportunities to grow business.
  • Agency's have team and many minds can work on your project to bring better results.

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