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How to Change Facebook Business Manager Name and Logo

Today, I had a hard time changing logo of Facebook business manager. We had a white label client who don’t was his client to see our name and company logo and for that reason, we have to change our Facebook business manager name and logo. Changing the business name was easy, but we were not […]

Facebook Lead Generation Ads and Cost

Facebook Lead Generation Ads

Facebook Lead campaign is an easy and cheap way to generate lots of leads for any business. You don’t even need a website to use Facebook lead generation ads. All you need is a Facebook account, Facebook page, and Facebook ads account. Setup Facebook Ads for Free, Pay For Running Ads Creating a Facebook business […]

Quarantine Yourself, Not Your Business – How to Grow Your Business During Corona Outbreak

Business Motivation

We all know about the Corona outbreak and how it is affecting one’s life but here I am going to discuss about business. How it has been affected and how we can minimize the damage due to the Corona outbreak. Aviation, Hotel, travel, transport & similar industries have been worst affected by Corona but after […]