How to Advertise on Youtube

Youtube Video Advertising with Google Ads

Google video ads are designed to increase reach and awareness, encourage engagement, or drive conversions for your business.  Youtube is second largest search website where user search for useful video, reviews.

Google Ads provide us option to promote your video  ads or other types of supporting ads. You can select particular video or channel where you want to show your ads.

You can also use keywords to promote your business when someone make searches on

Google youtube Ads or video ads



Youtube ads can be used to

  • Generate leads
  • Drive sales from your website
  • Product launch
  • Brand awareness
  • Or just to get more subscriber to your youtube channel

How to get started with youtube video ads?

Like any other campaign you need

  • Google Ads account
  • A website and video to promote
  • A payment method to pay to google
  • Setup a Video campaign in Google ads platform
  • A video is must and uploaded to youtube to run video ads
  • and skill on how to select right audience and setup everything.

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if you need any help related to Google youtube video campaign, then feel free to talk to our expert. They will provide you more details.