Display Advertising, Google Banner Ads

What are Google display ads?

Display Ads are a mix of graphics, text, video, animation which you see on other websites like shown in the below images. Any business can signup for Google ads and start running display ads on websites which are part of Google display network

Google Display banner ads

Google advertisement is mainly divided into two-part – Search Advertisement and display advertisement and its very clear from its name.

How do google display ads work?

John is a local taxi operator in London and his targeted customers are one who comes to London and plan to visit different places. So he can reach to customers in 2 ways:

  1. Run ads in Google search to reach people who are searching for taxi operators or tourist taxi agencies in London.
  2. Or, People who are reading articles, news on best places to visit in London. These people may have the plan to visit London and John can reach them in the early stage of their planning.

The second strategy can be fulfilled with Google display ads where google offers him an option to design a banner or other available ads and target such websites or articles. Google offers multiple targeting options to target audiences on the display network.

Google display network targeting

Google display networks are websites that are partner with Google Adsense program or ad exchange marketplace. In simple terms, these are groups of millions of website which are agreed to show Google ads. Some examples are

  • New portals
  • Blogs
  • Video sites
  • Mobile Apps
  • Forums or online communities

So, if you see a Google banner ad on any website then it must be part of the Google display network. These websites have different types of contents and so they attract different types of readers (Audience). For example, if someone is planning to visit London for the first time, he must be interested in topics about London weather, news, best places, foods, hotels or restaurants.

With Google display network targeting, a business can decide the networks of the website where the audience visits. Display campaign offers multiple ways to segment users to target them with banner ads.

Google display network targeting options

The above images show different options to target or exclude the audience on the display networks. You can select any one or a combination of 2 or more targeting options to customize your audience.

Where do google display ads appear?

Google display ads can appear on any website, Apps, software which are part of the Google display network and wish to show google ads. Display ads can be shown on

  • Any website all pages or specific pages where it has given space to run ads.
  • Video sites like youtube.
  • Gmail
  • Mobile Apps
  • Any other application or software

The good thing is that you will get detailed reports on where your google display ads have shown and their performance.

How to set up google display ads

Like any Google ads, you need to signup here ads.google.com and set up your billing first. depending upon your country, you will get different payment options to pay for Ads like a credit card, net banking, debit card, etc. Once you signup for GoogleAds account, then you need to have your website ready and we recommend you to install all tracking code like remarketing & conversion tracking codes.

Next, you can create a google display campaign if you have experience or it is strongly recommended to hire some ppc expert to avoid any monetary loss on Ads.

To create a new campaign, just go to the Campaign tab (left navigation) and click on + icon or create new campaign. The next screen will be shown as below. Here you have to select Display.

Google Ads Campaign setup

A display campaign consists of

  1. Adgroup where you select your targeting option. This is the most important part to define your audience.
  2. Ads: You can create responsive display ads or you can upload your Ads (image, html5 ads)

Save and continue. Just reach and follow each step carefully.

Google display advertising agency

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