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Adwords Price Extension

This extension clearly giving an advantage over competitors ads. Some visible advantages are Capturing more than double space. Giving more information to visitors to understand your services or product Visitors can clearly know your price, so it will help you only qualified visitors clicks on ads and save your cost. Giving a sense of trust […]

[Solved] – AdWords – Your Account Is Currently Under Review

This solution may work for some AdWords account and may not for another account.  Its a personal experience which solved my issue of – “Your account is currently under review”. For one of our large-size AdWords account, ads were running properly and after making some changes like adding keywords and making ads, then the account […]

Draft and Experiment – Adwords New Feature

Today we just noticed a new feature on top of the Google AdWords dashboard – Draft.  ( see below) Initially I noticed these few points about this. This is not available for all the AdWords account. I checked with other accounts and it was not available. It will only visible if we open any campaign […]