White Label PPC Management Services

White label PPC is a service that allows people to buy PPC services from an expert PPC agency and sell them under their brand. It helps them establish a brand value while managing their clients through their services. This B2B white label PPC service allows small agencies and freelancers to buy from a service provider and sell it to their established base of clients.

It is helpful for the resellers who don’t want to go through the troubles of running a PPC campaign and want to focus on their lead generation tasks. Additionally, they can save extra money by avoiding hiring a full-time PPC team.


Get Started Instantly

You get a highly experienced PPC team who can start working on project without the need of any training.

Sell More, Save More

Our White Label PPC Pricing is very affordable. More projects you will outsource, more will be saving.

Peace of mind

Having experience of 10 years, we will take care of everything from account management to white label reporting & support.

Our White Label Services start from $100/month. Contact for a custom quote for your project.

Benefits of White Label PPC Outsourcing

There are many benefits of getting white label PPC services from an experienced agency. Some of them are:

Reduce Operational Cost And Management Work

White label PPC services help the agencies and freelancers to reduce their operational cost. It is because they do not handle any project and focus on getting better leads. Additionally, they do not need to hire any PPC expert to work for their business.

Project Managed by A PPC Campaign Expert

Our services allow freelancers to deliver high-quality results without having much knowledge of running a PPC ad campaign. It is because we are an experienced PPC Agency running campaigns for more than a decade.

Data Ownership & Privacy Guaranteed

These services keep you the owner of the work, and the achievement establishes your brand. It means that the service that you take from a white-label agency will be owned by you. Your & your's client privacy is protected by our agreement.

Improves Profit Without Any Worries

You can focus on multiple projects by working with a white label agency. It increases your revenue that helps you get some more profits from your projects. Our team provides complete support in managing your clients project seamlessly.

Why Outsource your PPC projects to Us?


Finding an honest & professional partner is a difficult task but not with us. We understand the value of partnership. We provide full services as per our agreement and never try contacting your clients directly. Our support will always be available to you.


Nothing else matters if we can't perform better. With 10 years of experience, we have worked on hundreds of accounts and have gained great PPC knowledge which will always please your customer.

Low Cost

Our white label PPC plans start at a very low cost and this gives you a sufficient margin to keep earning more. The more projects you will outsource, the more discount we will offer. Also, there will not be any long term contract as we work on a monthly basis.

Become White Label PPC Reseller

If you are a freelancer or an advertisement agency owner, then you can become a PPC reseller. All you need to do is find the potential clients and close a deal with them. You can leave the rest on us. From researching the keywords to running the PPC campaign, you can get all the services from our white label agency.

Additionally, it helps you grow your business by focusing on your client management instead of running the PPC campaigns. You can also resell the PPC services at a higher price to your clients.

We offer white label PPC management to help you generate better revenues with minimum efforts.

White Label PPC Pricing | Google Ads Pricing

We understand that reselling these service would require you to market them at a competitive price. That is why we offer affordable White Label PPC services that starts just from 100$ a month.

Monthly ad budget upto ₹50K ($1000)

Fee: Contact for a low price

  1. Search Campaign
  2. Display campaign
  3. Call only campaign
  4. Dynamic search campaign
  5. Shopping campaign
  6. Remarketing Campaign
  7. Youtube video campaign

Monthly ad budget ₹50k-₹1.5L | $1000-$3k

Fee: ₹14000 ($199)

  1. Search campaign
  2. Display campaign
  3. Call only campaign
  4. Dynamic search campaign
  5. Shopping campaign
  6. Remarketing campaign
  7. Youtube Video campaign

Monthly ad budget ₹1.5L-₹3L | $2k-$5k

Fee: ₹21000 ($299)

  1. Search campaign
  2. Display campaign
  3. Call only campaign
  4. Dynamic search campaign
  5. Shopping campaign
  6. Remarketing campaign
  7. Youtube video campaign

Our White Label Services For PPC Campaigns

We offer a wide range of White Label PPC Services and Management to our clients. These are the most popular PPC services you can get:

White Label Services For Google Ads

You can get white label service management for Google PPC ad campaigns. You just need to focus on getting a good client and leave the rest on our professional service.

White Label Google Ads

Some of the major Google ads task involves

  • Campaign Setup
    • Market Research
    • Keywords research
    • Campaign creation
    • Adgroup setup
    • Ads copy creation
    • Targeting Selection
    • Conversion tracking
    • Most suited campaign setting
    • and all related setups
  • Management & Optimization
    • Daily account monitoring
    • Keywords performance analysis
    • Negative keywords
    • Search terms analysis
    • Bid optimization
    • Ads A/B testing
    • landing page optimization
    • Device Performance optimization
    • Time, Location Performance monitoring
    • Conversion optimization
    • Remarketing
    • And all other work for best possible result.

White Label Facebook Ads management

We set up and manage Facebook ads also for clients. Major work includes

  • Setup
    • Ads account setup
    • Facebook Page setup
    • Lead campaign setup
    • Video ads setup
    • Campaign for website conversion
    • Catalog sales ads creation
    • Conversion tracking setup
    • Remarketing campaign
    • and all other types of ads setup as per business need
  • Management
    • Daily performance monitoring
    • New Ads testing
    • Audience Optimization
    • Improving targeting
    • Conversion optimization
    • Weekly, Monthly report analysis
    • Making new strategies for improvement
    • And other optimization activities

White label PPC Reporting

Creating Campaign reports is a challenging and time-consuming task. However, our white label PPC management offers weekly and monthly reports that you can share with your clients. It will help you give a complete performance review to your clients.

Additionally, we offer to provide customized reports as per your client’s requirements.

Work With Best PPC White Label Agency

Xtremeads provides affordable white label PPC services to the agencies (and freelancers) like you. We focus on delivering high-quality work that will help you establish a positive image in the industry. To ensure the quality, we have a team of in-house PPC experts putting some hard work for your projects.

Working with us can give you a boost by leveraging our experience and samples. We are already providing our services to both individuals and digital agencies and they are more than happy with our work process.

Thus, you don't have to worry about the results that we would be providing you.

Who Should Consider Our Services?

Every person who is directly or indirectly engaged in running paid ads can use these services provided by XtremeAds. Here are some of the resellers that would be more than interested:

Digital Marketing Agencies

Digital marketers are the ones who use this service the most. It is because they handle multiple projects under different niches and expertise. To avoid managing a large team with experts in each industry, they choose to go with XtremeAds's management services.

It helps them save enough money without compromising with the quality.


Most of the freelancers work alone and do not have a team to handle multiple clients at once. Hence, they can outsource their work to a white label agency like us and meet the requirements of their clients in the best possible way.

PPC consultants

PPC consultants usually provide a strategy to run PPC ads as per the organization’s requirements. They often prefer outsourcing the work to provide their services to multiple clients.

Content Marketers

Content Marketers create strategy for marketing a business with the help of content and a variety of methods. These methods often require them to run paid ads and they connect with us to get their PPC ads up and running in no time.