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Merchant Center Setup, Datafeed Management, Shopping Campaign Optimization

If you own an eCommerce store and not using Google shopping ads, then you are missing a big opportunity to sell your products. Google Shopping ads and Facebook Products catalog ads are big sources to drive sales from your online store. Our Google Shopping Ads agency has worked with many e-commerce stores to boost their product sales.

You need to have a good eCommerce website on Shopify, WordPress, Magento or any other platform. We recommended to eCommerce owner shopping ads, search ads, catalog ads on Facebook and Google display ads to bring more sales from PPC shopping ads.


  1. Google Ads Setup
  2. Merchant Center Setup
  3. Product Data feed setup
  4. Conversion tracking with value tracking
  5. Product feed optimization
  6. Shopping Ads Management & Optimization
  7. Ensure the highest return on Ads spend.
  8. Regular reporting
  9. Facebook Product Catalog sale

What is Google Shopping ads or Product Listing Ads?

Shopping ads are product ads with pictures of product, price and small description as given in the below picture. A customer gets idea about the product before he clicks on ads and so shopping ads bring more interested visitors on the website. This is also one of the main reasons why shopping ads bring more sales than any other ads.

Drive online and in-store sales with ads like Showcase Shopping that show on Google Shopping and the Search Network.  With Shopping ads you can promote your product listed on your shopping website.

This campaign does not need any keywords, google use your product data and shows ads to the user on related searches in Google.


How to Setup Google Shopping Ads?

Setting Shopping ads is a multi-step process and is slightly more complicated than search or other campaigns. For a new user, it can be challenging to do it. Once the shopping campaign is set up, then you don't have to do more and all you need is to manage search terms, add negative keywords etc.

The basic requirement to use Google shopping Ads are

  • A Shopping website that follow all Google ad policies
  • Google Ads account (free to signup)
  • Google Merchant center account (free to signup)
  • Google search console (free to signup)
  • Able to Edit your website & can add some tracking codes
  • and experience with Google ads optimization for better ROI

We're a leading Google Shopping Ads Agency in India. You can contact us to learn more.

These are 4 steps to set up Google Shopping Ads

Merchant Center

It is a different platform than Google ads and is used to manage shopping ads data and business.

Shopping Ads

In Google ads, we create shopping ads with proper targeting & structure. We need to link both platforms.

Data Feeds

This file contains details of your products and Google takes data from here to show shopping ads.


Once everything set up, we need to closely monitor and optimize data feed, shopping ads etc to get better results.

Google Shopping ads benefits

Shopping Ads or Product listing ads are specially designed for retailers who want to promote their product with Google ads.

Some of the benefits of Google shopping ads are

  • Great Conversion Rate - More People buy products
  • Better ROI
  • Automatically create ads for thousands of products
  • Google Smart Technology show the right products to customer
  • Cross-promote on multiple sites like Google search, Youtube, Mobile, Display or Gmail
  • Smart Shopping campaign help reach more audience & bring more sales at low cost
  • Easily manage all your products data in once place
  • Show your product ads with image, name and price
  • You pay only when user click on ads and visit your online store
  • You can control which product you want to promote
  • You don't need to design ads. Google takes all data from the feed.
  • You can control your shopping Ads budget, targeting location, timing etc.

An Expert will always do a better job and bring more profitable results in the future. If you own an online retail store and want to set up Google or Facebook shopping ads, then we can help you. We are a leading PPC agency for Google shopping Ads India.

Google Shopping Ads Optimization Tips

There are many techniques to manage and optimize Shopping ads to get more sales. We have listed a few of technique which one must follow to optimize his Product listing ads on Google.

These are some of the tips

Optimize Datafeed

Datafeed is the main source of your shopping ads. Google uses these data to target your product to customers. Ensure you have correct product titles, descriptions, clear images and other information.

Shopping Campaing Structure

When you have a large number of products, then it is a best practice to create multiple campaigns and ad groups for your products. It allow you to properly optimize and utilize your budget.

Review Search Terms

You must monitor what people are searching for and clicking on your ads. It will give you a better idea of your campaign and help you better optimize it. Ensure to pick irrelevant or negative keywords and add them to your campaign.

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