[Solved] – AdWords – Your Account Is Currently Under Review

This solution may work for some AdWords account and may not for another account.  Its a personal experience which solved my issue of – “Your account is currently under review”.

For one of our large-size AdWords account, ads were running properly and after making some changes like adding keywords and making ads, then the account goes under review. It’s very frustrating as a whole business depends upon this and employees are stilling idle as there are no inquiries.

Your account is currently under review

And the reason shown by Google makes it more confusing.  It says ” For security reason, they are verifying billing information which can take 2-3 business days”.

It doesn’t shares any other reason for this review pr.  Also, when ads were running earlier, then it should not be a billing issue unless we have made any changes in our billing profile or setting in AdWords. After reading below:

Why Adwords account goes under review

It says “Google periodically reviews accounts to verify billing information, maintain account security, and ensure that all ads meet our quality standards.”

And so, I checked my change history. There were few dynamic ads in a few adgroups which contact the keywords of some airlines. I suspect that it might be an issue of Trademark due to dynamic keywords insertion in ads.

I not only paused but deleted all such ads and within a minute, the account comes out of the review, and I checked in the ads preview tool – Ads were running. So, if you have such an issue, then review all such ads including keywords, and delete them asap.