Google Search Ads

What is Google Search Ads?

Google is basically a search company and millions of people use google search bar to find information. Search Ads are used to target ads to user who is searching in Google. This type of campaign use keywords and text ads so that when someone search for your selected keywords, you ads will be shown to that user. After clicking the ads, user will visit your website and you get leads or sales. You pay for each click on the ads and so it's called PPC Advertisement.

Google Ads search ads

Benefits of Google Search Campaign Ads

Search Ads are highly targeted and provide high-quality leads and sales for the eCommerce website. Since it targets to people who are searching in google so they are most likely to buy your services.

For example, if someone is searching for a "travel company in India" and see ads of Indian tour company then this user is most likely to contact them and buy their services.

Some of the major benefits of Google Search Ads are

  1. Its target pre-qualified users
  2. Select & decide own keywords to show ads
  3. Customize Ads as per user search intent
  4. Add extra information with ad extensions
  5. decide your own Maximum cost to pay for each click
  6. Setup your maximum daily budget to spend
  7. Get accurate reports of keywords, ads performance
  8. Filter irrelevant user queries with negative keywords
  9. Dynamic search ads make the process easy for large sites
  10. RLSA help to target past customers or visitors in google search

How to create google search ads

The setup of Google ads is a multi-step process. Please check our PPC Process page for details. Basically you need to do below few activities to setup Google Search Ads.

  1. Signup for Google Ads account.
  2. Setup billing information in the account.
  3. and create a search campaign which consists of
    1. A Campaign: It contains everything given below
    2. Adgroups which contain keywords and Ads
    3. Keywords on which you want to show your ads
    4. Ad copies which user will see and click to visit your website.
  4. Ensure to follow all GoogleAds policies. It helps you get quick approval of Ads.

The above steps are basic to set up your search campaign, but there are other important setups like Ads Extension, Conversion tracking etc. Get in touch with us for more details.

How to create dynamic search ads

Dynamic Search Ads are the same as normal GoogleAds Search ads but with some differences like

  • You don't need to select keywords
  • Google auto-detect keyword from your webpage content
  • In ad copies, you just have to write the description and the title is autogenerated from your webpage title.
  • You have to provide your website link during the campaign setup.

DSA or dynamic search ads are Good for large websites having hundreds or thousands of pages or products. You have to provide instruction to Google for targeting specific or all pages, categories etc.

The risk with DSA are that Google can show ads even in irrelevant keywords, so one needs to regularly review search terms and keep adding negative keywords.

Overall Google AdWords search Ads are the most powerful PPC advertisements for high-quality lead generation. One must have experience and expertise with Google ads. Contact our team if you have any questions.

Google Search Ads vs Facebook Lead Ads for Lead Generation?

Both are good for lead generation if done properly. But both have some basic difference which is given below

If you want more leads at low cost then Facebook lead ads would be best suited to your need, but if you need quality leads but slightly costly than facebook then Google search ads are better. Many people may not agree with this, but you should understand below the difference between both platforms.

  1. Facebook Lead campaign: It offers you to create an enquiry form and link to your ads. You can target users based on their interest, activities, demographics etc. When the user sees ads and clicks on it then the enquiry form open and auto-filled with his Facebook profile data (name, phone, email etc). The point here to be noted are
    1. User may not have requirements presently as ads are targeting to his long terms of interest, behaviour.
    2. Sometimes user click submits button by mistake or unwillingly. You will understand this when you will callback on leads and hear difference excused of filling forms.
    3. If you have a sales funnel to follow these leads then it's okay.
  2. Google Search Ads: It targets to the user who searches in Google. And people search when they have some requirements and interest. So these leads are of high quality.
    1. It targets user who is prequalified ( already showing interest)
    2. Due to better quality, more advertiser competes with each other and so the cost of click increase proportionately.
    3. with a better strategy, keyword selects, remarketing, this can be made profitable and millions are businesses are benefitting from this.

Facebook and Google both are the best platforms to advertise any business. A business owner can understand the pros and cons before deciding on any one platform.