Top 10 Google Ads Agencies in India

Top 10 Google ads Agencies list

Running Google Ads is the most effective strategy to get better returns on marketing efforts. With an average of over 500% ROI, Google Ads is competing with different marketing strategies. However, running ads without some professional assistance is the biggest mistake you can do in marketing campaigns.

According to research by XtremeAds, an average company in India can get a 2.7 times better return on investments (ROI) by outsourcing this task to a Google Ad agency. It’s not just about the returns as a company can perform better when they focus on the main business operations.

We are going to share the top 10 google ads agency in India that will help you market your product and services on the biggest search engine in the world. We will also share the editor’s recommendations on the top PPC company in India.

Best Google Ads Agencies In India


  1. (Editor’s Choice)

GoogleMyBusiness Rating- 4.6 (49 reviews)

Minimum Service Charges- $200

Services offered- XtremeAds focuses exclusively on PPC campaigns to provide better services to its customers.

Google Ads is not just about spending more money to get better returns. A marketer must understand how crucial it is to understand the psychology of pay-per-click campaigns to achieve better results. XtremeAds is the PPC agency that has delivered exceptional results by focusing on the same thing.

This agency has been there for more than 12 years and has served thousands of clients throughout these years. It secured the first rank in the list because we considered the Indian market and some factors that are relevant in this market.

This Delhi-based ad agency focuses on lead generation, eCommerce sales, & youtube advertising as all the services are based on these three marketing requirements. This agency is recommended by many reviewers and has made the top 5 of every list.

Why Choose XtremeAds?

Among all the agencies mentioned in this article, it is the only one that offers great results with some affordable packages. XtremeAds is a registered Google Partner and all the services are offered by following the Google Ads guidelines for running ad campaigns.

Again, considering the psychology of Indian users and Google searches, there’s no comparison of XtremeAds services with any other agency. In our research, we found that they have an amazing recurring orders rate that shows their authority in the industry.

Thus, it is our top PPC company in India to get the benefits of Google Ads services.

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  1. NP Digital

Achievements- Search Engine Land 2020 winner

Minimum Service Charges- Quote Based

Services Offered- SEO, SEM, PPC, and website optimization.

Neil Patel is a famous name in the marketing industry we all know about the authority of this person in this industry. NP Digital is the ad agency of the same person and they offer different PPC services to their clients. The agency has some big names in its client lists like Facebook, eBay, and Google itself.

The agency has a lot of talented employees that offer a variety of services with dedicated skills and experience. The only thing about the NP digital that can upset the Indian businesses is that they have some really big clients and the services charges are way too high.

Thus, a small business that wants to try PPC services for a change can not put in all their budget to hire this agency.

Why Choose NP Digital?

If you have a big budget with a clear business goal, you can choose NP Digital. This agency will help you create a long-term PPC strategy while offering some quality Google AdWords services.

Apart from its limitations in the Indian business environment, it has the potential to be the best google ads agency in India.


  1. WhiteDigital

Trustpilot Rating- 4.4 (10 reviews)

Minimum Service Charges- $350

Services Offered- PPC and website optimization.

White Digital is another big name in the PPC ad industry in India. This Tamil Nadu, India-based agency is a registered Google Partner and Microsoft Elite advertising partner for Bing. The agency is famous for its No-competitor policy that restricts its services to a single business in a market.

White Digital believes that an agency’s services should be limited to one business in an industry to achieve better results. They use artificial intelligence and human psychology to generate results for their customers.

Currently, they are running over 700 advertising campaigns with all types of budgets.

Why Choose White Digital?

An Indian ad agency that understands the market requirements is always a good option for the customer. White Digital understands the user requirements and offers customized PPC services to the customers.

The agency offers an amazing client onboarding experience with all the support you need.


  1. PPC Position

Ratings- Not Found

Minimum Service Charges- $250

Services offered- PPC and marketing planning consultancy.

PPC position is another agency that offers SEO and PPC ad services. The agency deals in different services to give you a complete marketing solution on a single platform. The great thing about the agency is that they offer two different options for PPC campaigns- Local and National PPC services.

It helps businesses pay for the services that they need. Also, it gives the customer clarity on what efforts they need to connect with the desired lead.

Why Choose PPC Position?

PPC Position focuses on an ROI-driven strategy to address its customer needs. All the strategies adopted by this agency deliver positive results even when you are running ad campaigns for acquiring new customers in the initial phase of your ad campaign.

If you are someone who needs professional assistance and wants to talk to someone before hiring, you can go with this agency.


  1. Disruptive Advertising

G2 Ratings- 4.7 (90 reviews)

Minimum Service Charges- $1000+

Services offered- Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and SEO.

Disruptive Advertising is another US-based advertising agency that offers professional services to its customers. According to Disruptive Advertising, an ad account waste around 75% of its budget by not following the right steps in running an ad campaign.

In addition to PPC, the agency offers website optimization, creative, and lifetime cycling services. Thus, it is a reliable option to outsource your marketing operations.

Why Choose Disruptive Advertising?

Disruptive Advertising is the first choice of some big names like Fandango, Broom, and Lowepro. Also, they have a dedicated team of talented PPC experts from different industries. Thus, you can trust them with your ad campaigns.


  1. Oxedent

Trustpilot Rating- 4.7 (40 reviews)

Services offered- Market research, PPC, and audience targeting.

Minimum Service Charges- $300

Oxedent is a famous name in the PPC industry of India. This Kolkata-based agency offers every PPC-related service to its customers. The brand name of this agency perfectly explains how they focus on providing oxygen to the ad campaigns.

Interestingly, they also offer services like market research, audience scope, and success probability along with PPC services. Thus, a business can get complete marketing solutions here.

The agency claims that they can deliver instant traffic to the website so that you do not need to wait for weeks or months to see the result for yourself.

Why Choose Oxedent?

As a business owner, everyone wants to get the best service provider at an affordable price. Oxedent is a reliable solution when you consider these two factors. They have some experienced players on the team to offer you tailored PPC services.

Thus, you can check out its website to find out if they are relevant to your marketing needs.


  1. RatanJha Digital

Trustpilot Rating- 3.7

Minimum Service Charges- $1000+

Services offered- Complete digital marketing services.

RatanJha digital is a digital consultancy service provider that lets you scale your business with proper marketing strategies. It means you can get a proper strategy with an analysis of your business to target the right customers as well. RatanJha digital is backed by 10 years of experience and hundreds of running projects.

You can learn more about the paid PPC campaigns on its official website. Also, some user reviews give you a complete idea of how reliable the services are.

Why Choose RatanJha Digital?

The expertise of RatanJha Digital is scaling the new businesses. Thus, startups and small-scale businesses can trust its services to get the desired returns on investments. This marketing agency in India is bringing a change so that everyone can get the required PPC services easily.


  1. Megethos

TrustPilot Ratings- No reviews

Minimum Project Value- $10,000+

Services offered- Complete digital marketing services.

Here’s an industry-specific ad agency that serves the technical industries with some great services. Although the agency is not as big as other names on this list, it has some proven strategies to make your ad campaigns a business. The agency depends on its research, AI-driven strategies, and industry requirements to make the best returns on the investments.

Due to its limited size, you can ask for a customized package and get a quote accordingly. Also, you can talk to one of their team members to find out how a targeted Google ads campaign can help your business.

Why Choose Megethos?

If you are a SaaS (Software as a Service) company and want to promote your business through Google ads, Megethos is the perfect agency for you. They have experience in assisting businesses operating in this industry and are backed by some valuable data to save some money on A/B testing of your campaigns.


  1. Perceyo

Trustpilot Ratings- Not found

Minimum Project Value- $10,000+

Services offered- PPC and website optimization.

After being selected as the best digital marketing agency in Bangalore, Perceyo has established itself as a reliable option for small and large businesses. This 12-year-old marketing agency offers you google ads services to generate quality leads for your business.

The only problem is that they focus on all the digital marketing services and a person looking for expertise in PPC marketing can find it uncomfortable to trust the service provider. However, they have proved themselves with some amazing ad campaigns.

Why Choose Perceyo?

The limitation of this platform is its strong point as well. Being a complete digital marketing agency, it can manage all your marketing operations. Thus, you won’t need to hire different agencies for different services.


  1. Voy Media

Trustpilot Ratings – Not Found

Minimum Service Charges- Custom packages

Services offered- Facebook Ads (Primary), Google Ads (secondary).

Voy media believes in creativity and runs some unique ad campaigns for their customers. The main focus of the agency is on Facebook ads but the Google ads service is quite reliable as well. If were to rank the best advertising agencies, this platform would have secured a place in the top five.

You can find some case studies on the website that explains how they resolved some of the most common problems faced by their clients. Overall, it is an excellent agency when it comes to managing cross-platform ads for your business.

Why Choose Voy Media?

If your business is not limited to India and you want to hire an international agency, Voy Media is a perfect choice for you. The team includes different experts who can manage any type of ad campaign to deliver exceptional results.

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Is it safe to work with agencies not partnered With Google?

Being a Google partner is a symbol that the agency has completed the required training and possesses all the skills to run an ad campaign. Thus, working with an agency that is not a Google partner is a bit unsafe. You need to depend on your research and customer reviews to check their authenticity without a Google partner batch.

  1. Can I get customized PPC ad services?

If you are worried about the service charges of an agency and want customized plans, we recommend you get a quote from some of the agencies and compare them. Most companies will offer a customized plan that suits your requirements.

We recommend contacting XtremeAds for such inquiries as its client onboarding team is helpful and resolves all the client issues.

  1. Are Ad agencies still relevant?

A lot of people have this question in mind. The one-word answer is YES. The search results are getting more and more competitive and it is getting challenging for business owners to convert audiences without professional assistance.

Ad agencies are there to help businesses run their ad campaigns to deliver better results. Another thing that makes ad agencies relevant is the fact that businesses prefer to outsource marketing operations to marketing agencies.


In most cases, Google Ads is delivering better ROI than Facebook ads, SEM, and SEO. Thus, is crucial for every business to focus on Google ads to avoid missing any opportunities.

With the increasing competition, It makes sense to hire an agency that can run the ad campaigns on your behalf to generate the best possible results.

The above ad agencies that we mentioned are trusted by thousands of clients worldwide. Thus, you can choose any one of them and start working with the top PPC company in India. Just remember to check out the services section of an agency to understand their expertise.


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