CASE STUDY: Course Selling With Google Ads and ClickFunnel

The Client is a US-based Golfer who has set up his sales funnel to sell his gold training courses and wanted to push more and more leads into his funnel. We took over this account and start working to get an amazing result.

  • Industry: Sports
  • Platform: Google Ads
  • Campaign Types: Search, Video, Display, Remarketing
  • Client: US-based Golfer
  • Challenges: Generating more leads while keeping the CPA under $3
  • Goal: Increase no of leads, spend more budget, keep CPA low.

OUR WORK: The account was spending under $1000 per day and getting decent leads. So to increase goal and keeping CPA low, we created lots of different campaigns like

  • setup multiple YouTube video campaigns based on location and audience
  • created a display campaign to reach more people based on their interest using in-market audience
  • We tested new Google ads features like the Smart display campaign which is a huge success to get more leads.
  • Along with remarketing ads, we test similar audience list on display and youtube which help us reach to new customers and more leads
  • With our regular monitoring and optimization, we get good results as shown in the image.


  • No of leads increased from 250 to above 500 leads per day and keep increasing
  • We were able to use most of the budgets.