CASE STUDY: Product Sales Increased by 38% with Google Ads

ecommerce Product sales with Google ads

The client was Delhi (India) based retailer. He was selling mobile and accessories with his shopping website.

  • Industry Categories: Retail & Technology
  • Platform: Google Ads
  • Client: Delhi(India) based retailer deals in mobile devices.
  • Challenges: Client was getting sales but acquisition per sales was too high to make it profitable.
  • Goal: Reduce CPA while increasing sales volume over time.

OUR WORK: We analyze, made a strategy to achieve this goal.

  • We review clients landing pages and optimize it to make it more relevant to the user’s requirements and easy to take action for visitors.
  • We create all new campaigns from scratch and taking details from old historical data.
  • Using different optimization techniques, new features and experimenting campaigns, we are able to improve account performance within a month as shown in the below screenshot.

This image is taken from an account and we have compared our one month result with a previous same period and you can see how the result has been improved.


After one month of work, we have:

  • 37.63% more conversion (sales or lead) and
  • Cost reduced per 22.21% per conversion.