5 B2B Lead Generation Strategies in 2020-21

b2b lead generation strategies

B2B Lead generation sounds like a challenging task. It is because you need to focus on finding the quality leads from the B2B companies only. Additionally, it eliminates most of the individuals from your client’s list. 

In this article, we are going to tell you about 5 B2B lead generation strategies that work in 2020 and beyond. Any business, regardless of size and resources, can follow these strategies to get some quick leads from potential clients.

Top B2B Lead Generation Strategies

  1. Build Your Email List
  2. Use Google Ads
  3. Level Up Your Content Marketing
  4. Offer Free E-books
  5. Offer a Trial of your Service
  6. Leverage the Referral program
  7. Leverage Social Media

Build Your Email List

Your Email is the most powerful tool that can help you generate hundreds or even thousands of leads for your business. Even after the improvements in the lead generation industry, Email marketing has proven itself as a relevant resource.

Your strategy for Email marketing starts by understanding who your ideal leads are. After that, you need to find out their interests and how you can get into their email subscription. 

Follow these tips for Email Marketing:

Find Your Potential Leads: Start looking for your potential leads by researching their interests. There are different methods to do it. You can choose any one of them and start building your email list.

Provide Value: After getting a few people to subscribe to your list, you need to start sending them valuable emails. Providing value for free is an effective strategy to turn your subscribers into quality leads.

Automate the process: To divide your time and resources equally, you need to find ways to automate your email marketing. There are tools like ActiveCampaign that allows you to manage your email marketing from a single platform.

Use Google Ads

More than 93 percent of users perform a google search before buying a new product or service. It means that most of the high-quality leads can be captured from the google results itself. Ranking your website in the google search is a long yet effective strategy.

However, running Google Ads is more efficient when we talk about generating leads through PPC. It is because lead generation is all about finding a prospect for a specific goal. There’s no need to make it confusing, and running Google Ads is the best way to do it.

Another reason to run Google Ads is the average cost to generate a lead. However, the whole Google Ad Campaign depends on your content and audience targeting strategies. Hence, it is crucial to hire the right PPC services for your business.

Tip: Check this article to learn how to write a good Ads Copy for your Google Campaign.

Level Up Your Content Marketing

Content marketing is the most affordable way to generate leads for your business. You can start with your company blog and update your articles to attract more potential customers. There are different ways to create a content marketing strategy to generate leads. 

A website with proper SEO can bring in some high quality leads for a business. All you need to do is perform keyword research that has the potential to bring leads to your business. After that, you can create a content calendar with constant updating of your blog and website. It will help you rank your website in search engine results and get some organic leads through it.

Below are some of the proven strategies to use Content Marketing for a Lead generation:

Offer Free E-books

Offering a free E-book with valuable content can do wonders for a business. You can utilize it by adding some Calls to actions on different pages. Make sure to keep it clean and avoid stuffing promotional content all over the E-book.

The bottom line is that your readers should learn something from your free resources.

Offer A Service Trial

If your business provides services of some kind, providing a free trial is a useful strategy. It will persuade your readers to take action and use your service. You can convert this lead in your sales by providing a valuable trial experience to your potential customers.

Leverage the Referral program

A referral program is one of the most underrated strategies to generate quality leads. If your existing clients are happy with your services, then they would love to bring in more business for your company. You can make it more effective by introducing a referral program.

Please know that recommendation and referral programs are two different things. Recommendations mean that your client or customer likes your service and recommends it to others, without earning any commission on it. On the other hand, a referral program allows them to make some money by bringing in some more business for your organization.

Although recommendations are a great strategy, it still lacks the persuasion from your existing clients. Hence, introducing a referral program where your customers can bring some more customers is an undiscovered mine of gold. 

Leverage Social Media

In the last decade, Social media managed to attract millions of users. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn can help you generate some quality leads without spending much on promotions. 

Creating a business page to connect with your customers can help you make the most out of social media platforms. However, you can run Ad campaigns to get some instant leads from your targeted audience. 

Remember that every business is trying to connect with your audience in every possible way.

A few tips to help you leverage social media for lead generation:

Engage with your customers: Social media is a convenient platform to engage with your potential customers. Update them with your new products and services and answer their queries in comments and direct messages.  

Be Active: The market trends keep changing now and then. You need to stay active and post some valuable content for your readers. It is recommended to create a content calendar for your social media accounts.  

Focus On LinkedIn: Although Facebook and Instagram can help you generate leads, LinkedIn is an exclusive platform to do it. Every profile on Linked is interested in business and wants to connect with the right prospects. Hence, you can use this platform to generate as many leads as you want.

Final Words

Lead generation is the necessity of every industry. There are dozens or even hundreds of strategies that you can follow to generate leads. You can choose any of the strategies that we have covered in this article. However, focusing on the right strategies that suit your business requirement is the key to success here. 

Running Google Ads and adapting the content marketing in your business strategy is the most suitable way to generate leads. Focus on your customer’s requirements and offer an effective solution through a Google Ad campaign. This small step can bring a lot of business for your organization.

We hope that these B2B lead generation strategies would help you in running your business effectively. Do share your views and queries in the comments, we would be happy to help.