How To Use Google Ads/Adwords for Youtube

Google Search is the world’s largest search engine which people use to find any kind of information and Youtube is 2nd largest search site for video after Google. Both of these properties are owned by Google.

Google search ads are highly effective for a targeted user with high intentions. With the growth of smartphone users, more and more people are consuming videos and youtube is the largest platform for video.

People use youtube to find videos related to their requirements, product reviews, entertainment, tutorials, and many other purposes.

Youtube is one of the best sites for advertisers to reach a user who is engaged with videos.  If you planning to promote your business on youtube then you can do it with

  1. Video Ads
    1. Skippable video ads
    2. Non-Skippable video search
    3. Search video ads
  2. Banner ads with a display campaign

Google is bringing new features and types of ads for youtube which you can find in your Google ads account.

How To Advertise On YouTube?

To advertise on YouTube, you will need to have:

  1. Google Ads account – you can create an account here –
  2. A video uploaded on youtube

We recommend you to create a professional youtube channel and link it with your Google Ads account.


  1. Sign up for Google Ads account and setup billing details. it will show you step by step guide.
  2. Click to create a new campaign and select a goal or No goal ( you will see all these options.
  3. Then select campaign type- Video GoogleAds- Campaign type
  4. Then leave the selected ads type or you can select your own.
  5. Click – Continue
  6. On the next page, Write
    1. Campaign name
    2. Set budget
    3. Select other settings (language, network, etc) or let it have a default setting. You can change them later
  7. Write your Adgroup name ( you can add many adgroup in one campaign later). You can have multiple adgroup depending upon different video ads, setting, etc.
  8. Select your targeting option. This is the most crucial step. Here you can decide who will see your ads. Like you can target user interest, topic, age, or any video/channel where you want your ads to show.
  9. Ad Creation
    1. Copy and paste your youtube video URL
    2. Follow the other instruction there and
  10. Create campaign.

Your campaign is ready. Your ads can take a few hours to a few to approve and start running.


  1. You can add more ads in the same or new adgroup
  2. Monitor the performance of your ads
  3. Review targeting and other option
  4. Make changes in your campaign as per your goal and current performance.

Hope this will help the new user who wants to create his first youtube video ad.