Why PPC And SEO Services Need To Work Hand In Hand

SEO and PPC Marketing

Whether you are a small company just getting started in the digital world or an established business competing with popular industry giants, deciding whether to invest in PPC or SEO can depend on your website and your business. There are many different strategies to optimize your website, and it is difficult to state which one you should take without knowing much about your website and business. They are both equally viable in driving traffic to your website and gaining customers.

Overview of PPC and SEO:

PPC: Pay-per-click marketing is a strategy that allows a marketer to bid on keywords and bring their ads on top of the search engine results page.

Popular online advertising platforms like Google Ads allow their users to attain the top position on a SERP in the form of advertisements.

By understanding customers’ needs and intent, a marketer can find specific keywords suitable for his business to attract the right audience.

It also gives advertisers the option to customize their search ads with high-intent keywords and include images and videos in ads to attract customers to their website.

The biggest boon of using PPC marketing is its competency to drive qualified, and ready-to-buy leads towards your website. This makes it effective for businesses that have very low brand awareness.

PPC helps your business to attract the right audience and improves your brand image in a very short period. The conversion rate by PPC is also amazing!

The only disadvantage of PPC marketing is that it requires money as an investment. As a marketer, you have to pay a part of your budget as fees for every click on the ad campaign. It requires a good budget to set up a PPC campaign and keep it running to get remarkable results.

The ROI associated with PPC marketing can decrease rapidly if it is not maintained consistently.

SEO: SEO is an effective method of driving free traffic from search engines to your website. Optimizing your web pages with interesting content and enhancing the website with an interactive interface increases the ranking of the website on a search engine result page.

There is always a rat race going on among various companies to dominate the search engines. The reason why businesses focus on search engine optimization more on PPC marketing is because of its cost-effectiveness.

Time is the only resource you need to manage your organic search result on a search engine results page (SERP). It can be used even when your marketing budget is quite less than usual.

The biggest advantage of SEO service is the long-term results that you can obtain with consistent efforts. It is sustainable and provides organic and high-quality traffic for many subsequent years.

Search engine optimization will take some time to deliver its result in the beginning, but over time, the results grow tremendously! The ROI is also super high on SEO.

Using both strategies together can help you make a huge impact on your business, so why choose just one?

Nevertheless, you don’t always need to pick one of the two. We recommend running PPC and SEO if you have the budget for it. We’ve seen amazing results from this strategy. 

Does PPC affect SEO?

While there is no direct link between PPC and SEO, both strategies work in order to drive more customers to the website, and both include the use of keywords in their operation.

Getting some traffic on your website through your efforts in SEO can let the search engine know that your website is trustworthy.

Working for pay-per-click ads also delivers useful insights to your business about the effectiveness of keywords and how much revenue they can generate.

These insights can be used in optimizing web pages with suitable keywords and to make correct decisions about on-page and off-page SEO.

Also, if a customer clicks on your ads and reaches your landing page, he/she will hopefully spend some time on your website which can later be noted by the search engines, which can improve the organic ranking of that landing page in a SERP.

SEO’s effect on PPC marketing:

There are many factors that determine the quality of a website like “Quality score” for Google and “Relevance score” for Facebook.

A well-optimized website performs better in a PPC campaign. Based on numerous factors like landing page experience, click-through rate, and relevance, the score of the website is determined.

If the website is well optimized it will have a higher score, which can amplify the number of ad impressions and reduce the fees charged for the clicks, thus reducing cost per click (CPC).

Even though your organic and paid results are not directly related to each other, both work towards the same goals; increase search visibility to boost your traffic, and ultimately increase your conversions! Here’s how it works:

#1 Google Ads and Snippets are similar

The way your website’s Google Ads and snippets are presented in the SERPs are actually very similar. If you set up the wording of your snippets and ads wisely, both allow you to offer the user the most customized result to their query, maximizing your rankings and increasing click-through rate.

Pro tip: It’s always good to remember that the closer the wording of your ads to the user’s query, the more likely they are to click through to your website. Experiment with your ad wordings and see which ones work best!

#2 Gain a better search presence

If your website ranks on page one on search results for any given search term, then it means you’re pretty much dominating the search results! Basically, the more times your website shows up in the results, the greater the likelihood of your site being clicked on, which in turn can ultimately boost your conversion rate!

#3 Increasing brand awareness

If your website appears more than once on a search results page, your brand name becomes more ingrained in the user’s brain than any of the other websites. The more you appear on SERP, the more memorable you are!

#4 Quick ranking fix!

It can take months or even years of hard work to reach the top of organic rankings, particularly for broader, more generic search terms as they tend to be highly competitive. PPC can help relieve some of that pressure as Google Ads are a great way to gain instant visibility, especially during the early stages of optimization. The best part? you only pay when someone clicks on the link and actually visits your website! If you’re doing everything right with your SEO too, your organic rankings should be working best along with the paid results.

#5 Keyword research

SEO and PPC analysts can combine keyword stats such as search volumes and competitive metrics to determine the most cost-effective keywords to target. The more information we can gather the better the results!

How to use integrate SEO and PPC into your strategy

When a site is first created, it has a low SEO ranking. As a result, it will be quite far down the SERP. At this stage, PPC is a great way of getting traffic to your site as it promotes front-page ads on Google even though your organic listings may not be that great.

You can also run pay-per-click ads on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. The social media giant has developed many advertisement types that have specific goals. One of them is fetching traffic to your website.

At the same time as you are running your PPC campaign, work on increasing up your SEO score. You will do this by carefully optimizing well-written articles on your business niche that showcase your proficiency in the area.

The search engine algorithm will see that your site has a depth of content on a specific topic. It will then rank your site more highly for search queries that answer their query with the content of your website.

Never discount SEO or PPC

Search engines rank your site based on how popular it is with users. This means that you need to design your site in a way that is pleasing to your reader so they will consider coming back. SEO will help you maintain this appeal to your targeted audience.

And PPC is the best way to make your site popular. You don’t need to break your bank to make a difference with PPC. All you need is a decent budget — however, low it is — and a keen eye to monitor your results so that you can make changes as required.

Combine both the strategies and dominate the SERP like a pro!

Final Word

Search engine algorithms are designed to show the most optimized website based on what a user is searching for, and on what content is available.

When you combine PPC campaigns with SEO, you get a better ranking on the search engine result page.

If done correctly both strategies can improve your organic and paid results.

Ready to Make Your Social Media Marketing and SEO Work Together?

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