CASE STUDY: Getting More Insurance Leads with Google Ads

This case study is about Car insurance lead generation service for with help of Google Ads.

The client was already running the search ads for the last few months and had some success. Now he wanted to scale it while reducing the cost and so we manage his ads and got better results.

  • Industry: Motor Insurance
  • Platform: Google Ads
  • Client: US-based insurance agent.
  • Challenges: The client was getting leads but less in no., bit costly and had quality issues.
  • Goal: Increase no of inquiries while improving lead quality.

OUR WORK: We analyze, made a strategy to achieve this goal. Give below are someone of our work to achieve this goal

  • We created multiple variations of the landing page and did split testing to find a winning landing page.
  • We mainly focused on the phrase & BMM types of keywords
  • To save cost and improve the quality of leads, we did a lot of research to find negative keywords and we used a shared library negative keywords list to easily manage and add negative in all campaigns.
  • Our creative writer re-writes all ads to make it more appealing while maintaining the relevancy and it helps us in improving keywords quality score, more ctr, and reduced cost.
  • With all these and other optimization techniques, we were able to improve the overall campaign performance.


  1. 39.53% Increase in conversion within a short period of time.
  2. Cost per lead reduced by 3.58%
  3. Additionally, the lead qualities were also improved leading to better conversion into sales.