How Much to Spend on Google Ads (Adwords)

How much Google Ads cost

This is a very common question from new Google Ads Advertiser that – How much should they spend on Google ads to get a better result. or Sometimes people add –

How much Google Ads Cost or what is the cost of Google Ads or AdWords. Why people simply don’t ask how much business they can get from Google ads in their marketing budget?

Let me explain how Google ads work. Google charges an advertiser in mainly three ways:

  • CPC or Cost per click Google will charge you when some users click on your ads. You can view this report in your google ads account.
  • CPM or Cost per thousand Impression: This mainly works in a display network where Google will charge you for an impression on ads and not clicks. This can be very profitable if your ads are attractive. You can get more clicks but you will pay only for the impression.
  • CPV or cost per view This bidding method used for video ads where the user views your video ads and Google charge for each view.
  • CPI or Cost per installation which is mainly for App promotion ads where you may pay for your app’s installation.

Google is bringing many changes and may update its bidding method in the future. Let’s get back to the original question: How much I should spend on Google Ads. Now you have an idea of how Google charges, so you can start with any amount which can get you a click.

But if you ask this from a PPC Marketing agency, then they may recommend you a budget as per their PPC Package and that may or may not be suitable for you. So it’s better to decide your marketing budget and build a strategy to use it properly.

With help of a keywords planner, you can get your good quality keywords and their CPC Ideas. Then you can also see the monthly search volume and can calculate your budget.