How Much It Costs To Advertise On Google

Google ads cost India

Google always costs money so whatever is your business if you want to use Google to advertise your business to generate leads or to sell products then you must have to pay Google for their paid advertisements.

So How Much Google Ads Can Cost You?

Talking in general, Google Ads Cost depends upon which type of advertisement you are trying to run on the platform.

If you are using the Google search campaign which is the most popular search advertisement for lead generation and product sale, Google charges for each click on your ads.

Google Ads Cost Depends Upon Two Factors. 

  1. Your Industry, It means how much your competitors are bidding on the same keywords
  2. How well you are managing your Google ads account to generate leads or to bring visitors and then converting them into your customer. 

We cannot have control over the market competition but we can control some of the things like

  • how well we are working with Google ads
  • how well we are optimizing our accounts
  • quality of our ad copy
  • quality of the landing page that we are using

Google Ads Cost Is Not Fixed

The cost to run ads on Google can be different for different types of businesses.

But, by professionally managing your Google ads account you can reduce the cost for each click and you can get the maximum number of clicks or visitors from your existing budget.

We have helped hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses with Google ads and Facebook ads to generate the maximum number of leads or sales from their existing budget. 

Save Cost & Get More Results from Google Ads

If you want a plan on how to properly use Google or Facebook advertisement or any PPC marketing for your business then feel free to contact us or chat with us today!