How To Write Good Google Ads That Convert Visitors Into Customers?

How to write good Google ads

Google ads can be very profitable if done properly. 

If you are already running Google ads, then you must be aware of the importance of managing campaigns properly,  which include proper setup, finding the right keywords, and writing a highly relevant ad copy. 

A good ad copy brings relevant traffic to the website and so more conversion and sales but poor ads bring poor quality traffic to the website which wastes your money and time.

You don’t need to be a writer to write a good Google ad copy, because a good writer can write a good story, articles but writing ad copy requires technical experience too.

Using some simple tips, anyone can write a good converting Google ads.  In this article, I will discuss writing ad copy for Google search campaigns.

Before you start writing ad copy for your search campaign make sure you have proper campaign setup and proper ads group setup. Each Ad-groups must have similar keywords, only then you can write good ad copy.

How To Write Good Ads for Google Search Ads?

Headlines and descriptions are the main components of any search ad. So writing a great copy requires you to write your message in headings and in the description so that you can convey a proper and accurate message to the user before they click on your ads.

Tips for Writing Effective Google Ads

  1. Keywords in the Headings –  Your ad group consists of similar keywords so write at least one keywords in your first heading.  It will help you to increase the relevance of your ads and that will result in better CTR and better quality score. 
  2. Add Price In Your Heading –  It is a good idea to write the price of your products or services in the heading to filter out visitors who don’t want to pay that much money.
  3. Call to Action In Heading –  What do you want your visitors to do on your website? Do you want them to call you, submit an inquiry form, or buy your products?  Mention this clearly in your third heading like call us today, buy now, contact us, etc.
  4. Write Your USP In the Description –  You must be having a Unique Selling Point that differentiates you from your competitors, mention it into your ads description to get it highlighted.
  5.  Call to Action in Description –  You can also write CTAs into your description.
  6. Add Keywords Into Description –  Writing keywords into description will increase its relevance and the quality score of your ads. It will also help you to attract more visitors that eventually increases the CTR for your ads.

Follow these working tips to write search ads and you would surely get better results out of your PPC campaigns.  

Further, I never say that these are the only good strategies to write a good ad, but, these are some of the best working strategies to write an ad without taking any tension.

Anyone can follow these basic principles to write their ad copies for PPC Ads.

If you are a business owner who is using Google ads to promote his business then either you can follow these principles or you can also contact us for any kind of consultation.