GoogleAds Keywords Match Type – Learn & Stop Wastage of Money

Google Search campaign is one of the most used campaigns to generate leads and sales from Google search queries. This is also the first campaign a new advertiser set up for the first time in Google.

For some, it is very profitable but for a few, it may not be cost-effective and they may burn all their money. Here I will discuss one of the most important features of Google ads which many new advertisers don’t understand.

GoogleAds Keywords Match Type

Keywords Match Type

Like you can see in above image, when I search for “keywords match type” then google show different types of keywords.

Suppose this is your keyword and you want to advertiser on it, then remember that Google Ads can show ads on any of the above keywords and all those keywords may not be relevant to your business.

Similarly, suppose you want to show ads on keyword SINGAPORE TOUR PACKAGE, Then Google may show your ads on anyone of these: (taken from Google search suggestions in my location)

  • Singapore tour package Kesari
  • Singapore tour package with cruise
  • Singapore tour packages from Chennai
  • Singapore Malaysia tour packages
  • customized Singapore tour package
  • Singapore tour package from Coimbatore
  • Bhubaneswar to Singapore tour package
  • Singapore tour package from Madurai

All these keywords relevant to your originial keyword. Now, suppose you don’t offer Singapore tour package with cruise, but google may show ads for this also and many other variations. You will waste money on clicks for these queries.

This is just one example, there can be hundreds of such keywords and in one month, you may be wasting 40% (or more) of your budget on such irrelevant keywords.

So, What is the solution to stop irrelevant clicks & queries in Google Ads?

Google offers us two popular options to control such irrelevant queries.

  1. Negative keywords
  2. keywords match type

Negative keywords block any search query that it contains. For example, if “cruise” is negative in your campaign, then your ads will not show on any keywords or search queries that contain work “cruise”. I will write a detailed articles on it.

Keywords Match Type:

We have 4 keywords match type namely:

Broad Match Type

You can show ads on any similar keywords even if it has a different meaning like the above example.

+Broad +Modifier

As + sign suggests, Ads will be shown only when users search terms contain your keywords with + sign.  For example, if your keywords are +tour +company, then your ads will be shown on all search terms that contain them like Singapore tour company, best Singapore tour Company, Tour Company in Singapore but ads will not trigger on keywords like- Singapore travel agency, Singapore travel company or Singapore tour operator.

“Phrase Match”

It will limit search queries further. Take the same example and you write your keywords like “tour company”, then ads will be trigger on Singapore Tour company, Tour company in Singapore, but Ads will not trigger searches like Singapore Tour and Travel Company, Tour organizing company in Singapore.

[Exact match]:

If you add your keywords like [tour company] then your ads will be triggered in exact same keywords. However, Google has made it also some flexible and may show on its close variation.

Now, we hope that the concept of keyword match type is clear to you and you can run ads without wasting your ad budget.

But, if you are still not sure of these concepts then don’t take a risk on your budget and hire an experienced PPC agency like us.

Lets connect on a Call and discuss things further.