6 Important Elements of a Quality Landing Page for PPC Ads

Important Elements of a Quality Landing Page for PPC Ads

Most of the business now relies on PPC ads to promote their products and services. However, not all get the desired result from this approach.

While running a PPC ad few pointers are important to consider and one of which is the landing page of the ad.

What is a PPC Landing Page?

This is a dedicated page where your visitors land when they click on the ad you’d displayed over the web. A -pay-per-click ad usually displays at the top of the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Every click will cost you a certain amount. Therefore, it is important for businesses to design a quality landing page for PPC ads.

A good landing page will ensure you achieve the purpose of your ad. However, if you don’t have a dedicated PPC landing page for your ads, it will ruin your campaign and won’t deliver the desired result.

If you drive the traffic of your ads on your website, for instance, your home page, it will have a lot of information that can be hard to digest, especially for a viewer who is new to your content.

The reason this viewer clicked on the link is, they were looking for a specific product or a service, and not to know the plethora of services you offer.

Bombarding them with information that is irrelevant might confuse them, and they might leave the page. If this happens frequently, it’ll increase your website’s bounce rate.

Therefore, you need a dedicated PPC landing page that specifically talks about content that you run your ads for.

When you create a landing page, it is important to perform Landing page optimization too. This will ensure that your landing page will work smoothly on all the devices and screen sizes.

Here are a few important elements of a quality landing page to follow:

Element 01: Drive Them to The Right Place

It is very important to drive those who click your PPC ad to the right page where you talk about the topic that your ad is all about.

Element 02: Give a Strong Headline

The first thing that will catch your visitor’s attention will be the headline of your page. It should be highly relevant, short, and crisp.

It should primarily justify what your ad is all about. This will give assurance to your visitors that they are in the right place.

Element 03: Keep the Ad “Scent”

When a visitor lands on your page it is important to give them the scent of the ad they clicked on. If your visitor senses any difference between the ad and where it lands, they will quickly return to their search.

Here, you are charged for the ad anyway, so if the viewer doesn’t like the content on the landing page, you might lose a prospective customer too!

Here is what you can do to give the ‘essence’ of the ad to your visitors:

  • Include keywords similar to the headline you used in your ad
  • Use similar language on your landing page as your ad
  • You can outsource your PPC work to get better results from your ads

Element 04: Include a ‘Hero Image’

Your headline and hero image both will play a crucial role in winning a customer. After reading the headline, the next big thing that will catch the visitor’s attention is the ‘hero image’.

This image will help visitors to better understand your ad. For instance, if your ad is about a product, you can place a hero image of that product. This image should deliver the exact message you promised on the headline of your ad.

Your ad says ‘Say goodbye to trouble sleep| Buy this mattress now’
Here, your hero image should show how your product can eliminate this generic problem, what are the USPs of your product, and address those issues and pain points.

Similarly, if you are running an ad to sell your services, you can add a ‘hero image’ that can be an infographic that walks the visitors through the approach of your services and how you differ from the other service providers in the market.

Element 05: Include Trust-Building Signals

When you add trust-building signals to your website, people trust you more. Human psychology works this way. People prefer to look up reviews before buying any product.

Many types of research proved that negative comments on any product will immediately drive the customers off.

Make sure you add some real number on your landing page that shows how many customers are using your products. You can share the satisfactory level of your client in the form of a graph to convey the message to your visitors.

These figures work tremendously in gaining visitor trust.

Element 06: Optimize Your Landing Page

Today, the market is flooded with different devices and each of them has different screen sizes. To cater to such needs, it is important to perform landing page optimization of your landing page.

This will ensure that your ad can run smoothly on any device and on different screen sizes.

Landing page optimization includes:

  • Landing page URL
  • Analytics code and scripts
  • Landing page footer

The benefits of an optimized landing page for PPC are not limited to getting better visibility on different devices, but it will also ensure a boosting conversion rate and increase optimal performance.

If you follow these elements of a quality landing page for your PPC Ads, you will notice tremendous positive changes in your conversion rate. These practices are easy to follow and can be really helpful to gain trust among the visitors.

There are many benefits of a quality landing page. Here are a few:

  • This will help you in achieving a higher Google Ads quality score
  • It will eventually lower your cost-per-click because of the increase in conversion rate
  • It will lower your cost-per-acquisition

Be sure to include all these elements in your PPC landing page and reap the benefits in the longer run.