Adwords Exact Match Keywords Is No More Exact

I mean you have to refresh the concept of AdWords exact match #keywords. According to a recent blog post from Google, they are changing the way exact match keywords work.

Till today, we understand [exact match] keywords will show ads for exact these keywords with slight variations. For example, for [red flower] keywords, ads can be shown for

  • Red flowers
  • Red flower

With new updates on exact match keywords, ads will be shown on more closed variation if the meaning of search queries remains the same. Like for [book ticket to London], ads can be shown for

  • Book a ticket to London
  • Book ticket to London
  • Book a ticket for London.

You can check more details about these changes here

If you are someone who is running PPC ads on Google or if you are an agency providing Pay Per Click Services In India to your clients then you should definitely know about these changes.

And, if you want to know about all the major keyword match types that Google ads have then you can read our blog here.