AdWords Editor Version 12 – New Look

On 19 June 2017, Google updated its AdWords desktop manager called AdWords editors. This new version has a refreshing look and seems much improved than its previous versions.

AdWords editors is a desktop software to manage your Google Ads campaigns. You can work offline or can make changes in bulk which are not possible in the web version.

Below is what Google posted about this new version:

Version 12

AdWords Editor version 12 features a new design and includes several updates, including support for custom rules, faster version downloads, and maximum conversions biddings.

Custom rules

This version lets you create and edit custom rules that notify you of violations of best practices before posting changes.

Faster version downloads

AdWords Editor now migrates more of your data from the previous version when you download a new one. This makes downloading a new version of AdWords Editor faster.

New Design

Version 12 features a new design with easier navigation.

Maximum Conversions Bidding

This version provides full support for the Maximum conversions bid strategy.

More Videos and Images for Universal App campaigns

You can now include up to 20 videos and 20 images in universal app campaigns.

New Optional fields for Responsive Ads

Several optional fields have been added for responsive ads, including “4:1 logo,” “Price prefix,” “Promotion text,” and “Call to action text.”


If you have not updated your editor yet, then update it to see all the above changes that Google has implemented.