PPC Services in India

PPC Services means pay-per-click advertising services offered by any PPC agency. PPC Services is a marketing term used for any digital marketing where advertisers pay for each click on their ads. The amount paid for each click is called CPC i.e. cost per click.

Some PPC services are Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads or any paid advertisement where companies charged for each click. Pay per click advertising can bring quick results. Unlike SEO, social media where a business has to wait for months to see the result, PPC ads can be set up instantly and they start targeting users.

So, any business who want quick result should try PPC services or pay per click marketing services. We are India based leading PPC Services Agency with a team of PPC Experts.

Our PPC Services

  1. Google Search Ads
  2. Shopping Ads
  3. Remarketing
  4. Apps campaign
  5. YouTube ads
  6. Display Advertising
  7. Conversion Optimization
  8. Landing Pages & more

✔ Fully Measurable Result
✔ Quick Result
✔ Target right audience

✔ Complete control of management
✔ Easy to launch a new campaign
✔ Go local or global instantly

✔ Start with any budget
✔ Live & Accurate Reporting
✔ Brand recognition

Pay per click advertising services

PPC Services is the most effective ways to generate quality leads and sales. Unlike another marketing medium, you don't have to wait for weeks or months to see the result. Secondly, you have full control on your PPC advertisement like budget, audience and you can decide how much you want to spend and who should see your ads. You also get 100% accurate reports on your spending and ROI. PPC Banner and remarketing ads help in branding and generating leads & sales at low cost.

Google PPC Services

Search Campaigns

Search Campaign ads are available in Google Adwords, Bing, yahoo ads. These are highly converting ads as we target user intent. Show multiple information in ads to get highly relevant users on your site.


A type of Display ads where you can show targeted ads (text, banners) to your website previews visitor. Its very effective in getting repeated customers/visitors and branding.

Mobile Ads

Over the time, no of mobile users has increased tremendously and they spent more time on mobile than other media. It provide advertiser huge opportunity to sell their product and services.

Display Campaigns

Display campaigns are equally good for lead generation, sales and branding. Ads can be shown to wide audience list and audience can be targeted with demographic, interest, topic they are viewing etc.

Youtube Video Ads

Youtube.com is second largest search engine after google where millions of people view videos. You can promote your video in any youtube video & also show banners.

Shopping Ads

For retailers, these ads are very popular. These ads contain image, price and name of products. Highly converting. Supported on Google, bing, facebook..

Google is continuously adding new features and types of ads in its Googleads platform. It's Machine learning & AI are becoming smarter over time.  Google ads are very effective, especially in high-quality lead generation.

Similarly, Facebook has also improved a lot over the time and it is one of the most used Ad platforms. Facebook can generate high volume of leads at a lower cost than google and millions of businesses using FB Ads promote their eCommerce business.

Deciding any platform can be a bit confusing for a business. But depending upon your business goal you can select anyone one or both. We can help in deciding a better marketing platform and campaign types for any business.

Facebook Ads Services

Desktop News Feed Ads

With this sponsored ads, advertise can promote their product & services to Facebook user on their laptop, desktop. These ads were shown in their newsfeeds.

Facebook Re-marketing

Its same facebook ads where you can show targeted ads (text, banners) to your website previews visitor. Its very effective in getting repeated customers/visitors and branding.

Instagram Ads

With same facebook ads and facebook ads platform, you can create ads & promote it to instagram users. Instagram is another facebook photo sharing social network.

Mobile Newsfeed

Its same like desktop newsfeed ads on smartphones.

Facebook Video Ads

Facebook Videos are getting very popularity after youtube and millions of video uploaded and shared on facebook. So an advertiser has the opportunity to use his video ads to promote on facebook.

Product Ads

For retailers, these ads are very popular. These ads contain image, price and name of products. Highly converting. Supported on Google, bing, facebook..

Are you getting results from your PPC Ads?


It's True. PPC Ads Costs lots of money but also brings the desired results like leads, sales or awareness. There are hundreds of PPC Experts or PPC Agencies in India which can make or break your business. A good PPC Company understands its customer requirements, audiences and budget and then makes its PPC strategies. It's not just about Keywords, targeting and ads, but PPC Ads should be able to bring positive ROI.

Hire a TOP PPC Agency in Delhi

We have worked for hundreds of clients offering them our award-winning PPC Management Services in India & abroad.  We know how to better utilize budget, which types of ads, keywords or campaigns best work for our clients. We build a custom PPC management strategy for every client. Monitoring ads closely and keeping better communication with our PPC clients help us deliver the best result in less time.

With 10 years of experience, we have developed a strong PPC process and a team of PPC Experts to bring maximum results from your PPC advertising budget. We have established our-self as one of the best PPC Agencies in India. Feel free to contact/Chat with us.

We are the one of the best ppc company India offering campaign setup and management of GoogleAds, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, landing page creation. We are also Google certified partner providing services since 2010 with help of our in-house team of ppc expert.



PPC stands for pay per click and it's a type of digital marketing where advertisers pay for each click on their ads. Google, Facebook, Amazon and LinkedIn Ads all are types of PPC advertisements. Google Ads is the most popular PPC advertisement which offers different types of PPC Ads like Search advertisements, Display Ads, Youtube, Shopping, Mobile Apps ads and lots more.
Facebook Ads is another social PPC Ad where anyone can promote his business for leads, product sales, page likes or awareness. There are multiple options available in each PPC platform.


Yes, PPC advertisement can be good and profitable for any business if done with proper planning. You need to set a clear goal, budget and then make a strategy with a PPC manager.
Most people make some common mistakes, so you need to learn and avoid those common mistakes. Some of them are- using irrelevant keywords, Using broad keywords without negative keywords, poor account instruction, wrong bidding, poor landing page etc. If you can understand and fix these issues, then you can get better results. A PPC company has a better experience, so hire and let them work for you.


Google search Ads are best popular for their lead generation. but other types of the campaigns are also used for lead generation. To generate leads, you need to have a website or landing page where users will come after clicking on your ads and will contact you.
Anyone can sign up for free Google Adwords and start promoting his website for lead generation. Google offers many different campaigns for lead generation. Most popular is the search campaign, but the display, video, discovery and smart campaigns are also used to generate large no of leads.
Contact our PPC expert for a better understanding or hire a PPC Agency in Delhi (India).


Google Ads is a type of PPC marketing where you pay for each click on ads. It also charges for each click on your ads. These per click costs are not fixed and depend upon many factors like your keywords, location, time, competitors, quality of your keywords and many more. You can decide your own budget and the maximum amount you want to pay for each click.


Google offers a free platform for everyone to create Ads-account, campaign, ads and start running ads. All you need to do is visit ads.google.com and sign up for it. You need to add your billing details, do keyword research, find your audience and set up your desired campaign.
If you are new then it is highly recommended to consult any PPC Agency to set up and manage this for you. You can read more about PPC Process here.


Anyone can pass the GoogleAds exam and can be a certified professional. It does not check for experience. Anyone can study exam material and qualify for it. But to be a Google partner, A company must fulfill certain requirements like 1. An MCC Account, 2. Any certified individual in company team 3. Must spend a minimum amount on ads 4. Must have shown a Good performance over time.
We have been a Google partner company in Delhi since 2010 and offer PPC management services in India & abroad.