What is Conversion Rate in AdWords or Google Ads?

Conversion rate

Conversion rate is a very important metric in Google ads or PPC marketing. It shows the performance of the campaign and how well it has been optimized.

To understand “conversion rate”, let’s start with an example: Mr. A has a local business and he runs “PPC for Mobile repair services” and the goal is to get an email inquiry from the website when someone fills the contact form on his website.

He is spending 1000 per day to get 100 clicks means 100 people visit his website. He has selected very relevant keywords and his ads are also very relevant and attractive. As a result, he gets 50 inquiries every day from the PPC campaign.

So, we can say that – Out of 100 clicks (or visits), he gets 50 leads or conversion ( conversion is leads here), or we can say that conversion rate is 50% of his PPC campaign.

Conversion Rate = No. of Conversion our of 100 visits

Total Clicks or site visit = 100
Total Conversion= 10
Conversion Rate = 10%

It’s clear that ‘conversion rate’ is the percentage of visitors who convert on the website. This conversion may be leads or sales depending upon the goal of the business.

In the Google ads campaign, the conversion rate column can be added by customizing the report column.

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