SEO -Search Engine Optimization, a need or a must?

First of all, let’s remember what is SEO, and how can it be helpful for a website.

SEO, or better said, Search Engine Optimization is a powerful technique used to improve the website’s popularity among other websites from the same field of study.  Basically, when publishing an article on our website, we include words that relate to the article and that the internet user may insert in it’s search engine. When the key words match, and they generally do, the website is 80% more likely do be reached, than when not using SEO.

What you need to understand in terms of SEO, is that although you probably use social media to promote your website, search engines are still the main sources through which users find what they are looking for. Therefore, no matter what the subject of your site is, you should keep in mind that the main path through which your possible clients/readers are going to access is through search engines. Once you understand that, you also understand the you need SEO. To be more precise, targeted traffic to a website can provide a level of publicity that no other marketing channel.

Trying to understand if SEO tends to be a must, more than just a need let’s see further if search engines can find a website without key words.

The number of websites in the online world is impressing. Every single day there are above one billion websites launched. In such a busy internet world, a good SEO can make a huge positive difference in terms of publicity when a bad SEO can bury your website at the bottom of the internet. If good SEO makes the difference between bad SEO, can you imagine where your website might stand with no SEO?

You got that right.

Having a good marketing strategy through SEO is more complex then just having the right key words for your website to be found.  For the beginning  though… you can learn the basics of SEO by following our website and in time  you might want to get advanced help from specialised companies in SEO marketing strategies.

After looking over this motives and comparing the facts which state if SEO is a must or a need, I honestly asume it is both. You may say that a must or a need are the same thing, but having a close look we can admit that sometimes not all we say we need is also a must. But all that becomes a must is surely to be one of the basic needs from Maslow’s pyramid. Therefore SEO is vital for a good publicity.