What is Remarketing and How to Setup Google Ads Remarketing Campaign


Most of the advertiser use Google Adwords or other PPC services to generate leads or sales from websites. Many also do for brand promotion. Remarketing is an effective way to bring past visitors to the website or remind them about our services and products.

Remarketing meaning

In Pey per click advertising world, we use remarketing as targeting your past users with PPC ads. Remarketing and Retargeting are the same, just a different name. With remarketing, we can attract customers with attractive ads.

How to do remarketing on google ads

Google ads are more popular PPC advertising and used by millions of advertisers. Google Ads Remarketing campaigns are used by almost every advertiser to target their visitors with a banner or video ads. To enable remarketing Google ads you need to follow the below process & steps

Next, we need to set up a remarketing campaign.

  1. Go to your all online campaign or your main AdWords dashboard.
  2. Create a new Google Ads display campaign and select the “remarketing” option which creates a new campaign.
  3. Follow the steps and write your campaign name, daily budget, targeting countries, adgroup name, create ads and select your audience list ( which we have created above). These all steps are available on the same page.

How to create remarketing audience

There are mainly two way to create an audience for Google ads

  • Create an audience inside your Google ads dashboard. Go to the audience section and create your audience
  • Link your Google analytic and create an audience inside analytic account and import that to your Google ads

Now, your re-marketing campaign is ready.

Google remarketing cost

Remarketing ads are part of a display campaign and there are multiple bidding options like

  1. CPC – Cost per click. You will pay when someone click on your ads and not for impressions.
  2. CPM – Here Google charge for impressions on ads and not for clicks.


Even after setup, Ads may not be active.

After adding code to the website, you need to bring visitors to your website. When more & more people will visit your site, then they will be added to your remarketing list and ads will start showing to them as per your campaign setting.

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  1. Isabella says:

    Google Adwords is wonderful and recommended, they drive NEW traffic to your site when people are searching the web. Remarketing google adwords setup sites display ads for your website to these people in an effort to bring them back to your site.

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