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Anirup technologies llp (XtremeAds) is one of the reputed PPC agencies in Delhi-NCR having 10 years of experience in Google Ads, Facebook ads and other digital marketing services.
We are Google partner and working with many national and international clients with a budget from ₹30k to ₹1Cr. per month.

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PPC ads Setup Services

Get Professional Google Ads Setup at one time low cost

Over the last 10 years, we have worked for hundreds of businesses that use Google ads to generate leads for their business or eCommerce websites that are selling products with PPC ads. With our experience, we realized that the lack of proper campaign setup and landing page is the main hurdle in bringing the best result from the paid advertisement.

We help our clients with high converting (not just good-looking) landing pages and better campaign management. With this experience, we are now offering our only setup services for business that don't need a long term commitment.

Once we set up everything professionally with our experience, business owners keep using them (PPC ads, LP) for their lifetime.  We will be available for any paid support anytime in the future.
Scroll at bottom of the page to know How the PPC Setup process work and our Terms of services

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Google ads setup services

Google Search Only (P1)

This basic search campaign setup is suitable for businesses that only want to show ads in Google search and have a limited no of keywords and budget.
Work Includes

  • Account Setup - If you don't have a Google ads account, then we will help you set up a new account and you may also get a Google ads coupon.
  • Billing Setup guidance.
  • Keyword research - This is the most important task to find relevant & profitable keywords to get you a better results.
  • Search campaign setup - When your customers search in Google then your ad will be visible to them.
  • 2 Ads per adgroup
  • Maximum 5 Adgroup
  • Maximum 50 Keywords
  • Conversion tracking Setup/Assitance - This is important to know which clicks bring your conversion so that you can get a better idea & guidance to use your money.
  • Ad scheduling - We will setup ads to run at any given time or 24-hr.
  • Ads extensions - Call, Sitelink, Callout - This is extra information that we show along with ads.
  • No monthly management/support

Search+Display+SmartAds (P2)

This Advance search campaign along with other campaign setup is suitable for businesses that have decent monthly budgets and want to use the full potential of Google ads & other powerful campaigns.
Work Includes

  • Account Setup
  • Billing Setup guidance.
  • Keyword research
  • Search campaign setup
  • Remarketing Campaign - Once a user visits your website, he will see your banner ads everything. You can get more results at a low cost.
  • Smart Ads (On request) - Using Google artificial intelligence, this campaign can bring great results at a low cost.
  • Display Ads (On request) - You can target users on other websites with banner/display ads. Users can be selected based on their interests, behaviors & demographics.
  • Conversion tracking Setup/Assitance - Advance conversion tracking setup.
  • Ad scheduling - We will setup ads to run at any given time or 24-hr.
  • Ads extensions - Call, Sitelink, Callout - This is extra information that we show along with ads.
  • 1 Week support

Google Shopping+Search (P3)

This is a must-have campaign for shopping website owners. You can't imagine PPC advertising without shopping ads. Along with other campaigns, it can bring great success.
Work Includes

  • Account Setup
  • Billing Setup guidance
  • Merchant Center Setup
  • Datafeed setup
  • Shopping Campaign (smart or standard)
  • Search Campaign
  • Display Campaign (optional)
  • Remarketing (standard, not dynamic)
  • Smart campaign (Optional)
  • Discover Campaign (optional)
  • Conversion tracking
  • Remarketing Audience
  • Merchant Center
  • Ad scheduling
  • Ads extension - Call, Sitelink, Callout
  • 1-week support
  • Delivery within 4-5 Days

How PPC Setup Services Works

Please check our PPC Setup Pricing above and decide a suitable PPC Package for your business. Then

  • Make the payment online.Payment link given below each plan
  • After payment, you will get link to fill all the details about your website and Google ads.
  • After submiiting form, we will get all info and will setup your campaigns accordingly.

Extra Steps for Shopping Ads (eCommerce websites)

Don't worry if these seem too complex for you. We will guide you or even share your screen to get this done.

Terms of Services

Our packages include a professional setup of PPC campaign. We use our best skill and experience to make it work great for you. Still, it has its limitation as below

  • We do not provide ongoing support for optimization. You can view our monthly management PPC package here.
  • We do not vouch for the desired result. However, we do setup in a way to bring the best possible result.
  • We do not own your account, bidding detials and you will have to pay to Google directly.
  • We do not work for certain type of website which are not allowed by Google ads.
  • If Google has banned your account earlier then chances are it will be banned again. so inform us before buying our PPC setup services. We will not be responsible for any losses later and our fee will be non-refundable in that case.