Lead Generation Via Pay Per Click Advertisement or Google Ads

Every small & large business needs leads that can be converted into sales. This is important to keep growing your business. There are different types of marketing for leads generation like:

  • Pay Per Click ( Google Ads & other PPC programs)
  • Telecalling
  • Email marketing
  • Social media
  • and TV Radio, Newspapers

PPC(Pay Per Click) advertisement is one of the most effective and ‘measurable’ lead generation ads medium. Since Google dominates online marketing, so Google Ads(PPC) is the most preferred PPC medium.

If done properly, it can be a very profitable way to create more leads otherwise it can cost you much more. Benefits of PPC for Lead Generation:

  • Attract visitors who are looking for what you offer
  • Achieve immediate keyword rankings and traffic
  • Bid on various stages of the funnel
  • Control the message for each funnel stage
  • See what people are searching for and craft your message to their needs
  • Know more about your leads and their behavior
  • Track ROI down to the penny
  • Grow your database of leads and market to them with other methods

To start with, you need to have a budget and a landing page ( single page website at least). If you are ready, then contact us for details.

One thought on “Lead Generation Via Pay Per Click Advertisement or Google Ads

  1. Shivam says:

    I agree, PPC provide our business a lots of leads. We daily got sufficient fresh leads to telecalling.

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