How To Rank in Google My Business Local Search

Almost everyone is familiar with Google Maps, if you have searched google with a specific local modifier, there are chance of showing first results were Google Maps results.

This happens because Google maps are not just a business listing tool, it is a search tool that allows users to search for local businesses.

Achieving good rankings in Google maps is important for businesses with a local target market. In this article I will elaborate how to optimize a Google map page so you can get a higher search ranking.

1. Place Your NAP in the Correct Places

When it comes to how to boost Google Places account, one of the most important acronyms you’ll ever learn is “NAP.” It stands for “Name, Address, and Phone Number.”

It’s very essential how search engines like Google can recognize that someone is talking about your business in a local sense.

By placing your NAP information in the right places, you’ll help Google associate the information it crawls about your business. This is are parts of the ways you can learn how to boost Google Maps.

2. Google ranks their local business listings by the reviews of the customers

If you don’t have 5 stars on your Google page, you need to get more reviews, so waiting for reviews to come organically can take a lot of time. The simple and fastest way is to ask your customers and clients politely.

You can do this by in person or just send them an email. You can also get customers to leave reviews to do this, you give them a link to your Google Places page on your Facebook and Twitter pages as well.

3. Perform On-Site Optimization

Make sure that the information that Google uses to match your business to your Google Maps listing is accurate on your business’s website.

This is important even if you have multiple locations or franchises. You need to have your locations listed somewhere with the matching telephone number, address, and name to allow Google to verify that your business is the right one.

4. The next section asks you to specify categories that your business falls into.

Many businesses fail when claiming their Google Places listing. There is one category box available initially.

Therefore you see situations where businesses complete this single category box and then move on whereas there are in fact 5 category boxes that can be completed.

You have to list your business in one category that matches Google’s suggestions as you type in details. For instance , as you may begin to type ‘Plumber’ Google will suggest ‘Plumber’ and ‘Plumber’s Merchant .’

Then you can click ‘add category’ an additional 4 times and enter your category keywords based on what people are using to search for your type of business including location, i.e. ‘Plumbing Services Manchester,’ ‘Heating Engineer Manchester’ etc.

5. Add photo Add business/product images and any additional details about your business, i.e., parking, guarantees, refund policies can help you rank your google place page

6. Add your primary telephone number plus additional fax, mobile numbers if you have them.

7. Google Maps is a handy mapping tool that can add a whole new level of functionality to your blog or website. With this cool mapping tool, you can embed interactive maps in the pages and posts of your website or blog. There are several different things you can do with this mapping solution on your website.

You can give directions to your business and display routes you’ve traveled or plan to travel. Google Maps also allows you to highlight a geographic area and define boundaries.

This will allow you to be more visible and ranked higher on google map. The bottom line, your website must be presented in a way that is easy to read by both Google and your readers.

I hope this guide would help you in ranking your Google My Business listing. If you face any difficulties then you can connect with our team.