Top 6 Tips To Improve Your Instagram Marketing Strategy 2021

instagram marketing strategy 2021

Nowadays youngsters are searching a lot about how they use Instagram marketing strategy 2021 to make their video viral all over the world. So nothing to worry about in this blog you will get each and every point. And after following each step you will learn how to do Instagram marketing in 2021

There is hardly any person who is not on Instagram today. Instagram is home to 1 billion monthly active users and growing. This makes it a perfect platform to market your business. Instead of restricting its use to mindlessly scrolling through Reels, you can use a strong Instagram marketing strategy to reach new audiences and grow your business online.

Instagram is a popular platform with amazing advertising potential. You can advertise your products or services to a target audience of teenagers or middle-aged people, considering it has widespread users.

The only concern with a platform that triumphed over 1 billion active users is making sure your posts are noticed by people who are interested in what you have to present (or sell).

Gone are those days when adding a few random hashtags to a post was enough. Marketing on Instagram is becoming much more of a science with its analytics and useful insights. So you need to have a well-planned strategy.

How To Use Instagram marketing strategy 2021?

#1 Switch to a Business Profile

Here’s the most simple and essential tip in improving your Instagram marketing strategy 2021 – if you’re using a Personal Instagram Profile then switch to a Business Profile. Because a Business Profile gives you access to a lot of additional features that aren’t available for a personal profile.

Switching to a Business Profile is extremely useful for your online branding. From adding a contact button to having access to your insights, you get to do it all in seconds!

#2 Give your posts a distinctive look

Instagram is a very aesthetic platform, so use its visual component to your advantage. To ace at building an aesthetically pleasing profile, you should use the same signature filter, and maintain the same style of photography. This will give your posts a consistent style, which helps your brand instantly be recognizable.

You can also try to echo your brand’s visual identity – using the same fonts, colors, fonts, and image style used on your website. By doing this you can give a consistent experience to your audience from one platform to another.

So master the art of creating enticing posts and attract all eyeballs!

#3 Plan a Posting Schedule

If you’re one of those brands that post only once in a while just to shoot paid ads, then that’s a major reason why you’re not gaining followers. So, posting once a month or even a week is not enough if you want to keep your followers hooked and gain new ones.

Normally, brands post once or twice a day, yes, you heard it right. That’s how invested people are with Instagram these days, so you need to have a plan to post regularly.

Get started to think about the best days and times to post your content. You could plan your content calendar for up to one month in advance.

#4 Build your ads around your overall marketing strategy.

Instagram ads, shouldn’t be created in vacuum-like other forms of digital advertising. You should rather make sure to follow your company’s marketing and brand strategy.

The ads you create should be able to support your brand identity. For example, create ads with a call to action that feels instinctive and appropriate for the brand.

Think about how Instagram ads can complement your other social media campaigns. Big brands like Mercedes-Benz, created a joint Instagram and Facebook campaign to launch their new SUV and gained a wholesome 580 percent increase in site visits! Thanks to the dual-platform advertising feature of integrating Facebook with Instagram.

You can also deliver the same ad content on other social media platforms like Twitter, Linked In, Quora, etc.

#5 Carefully Pick Hashtags

Nowadays, Hashtags are an important part of your Instagram marketing strategy 2021 as well as for other social media platforms. Hashtags are like keywords for SEO, they need to be picked carefully.

Besides, on Instagram, users can stalk a particular hashtag, just like they stalk accounts/profiles. A unique hashtag can help you reach your target audience and increase engagement for your brand.

But you need to be a little careful while including hashtags in your post. Never use generic or irrelevant hashtags. Do some research to find hashtags that match your brand identity.

If you’re new to hashtags, just take a look at your top competitor’s hashtags to get started.

You can also experiment with different combinations of hashtags to find what figure leads to more engagement.

#6 Create Stories & Reels

Instagram has another feature called ‘Stories’, for those who don’t want to post more than once or twice a day on your feed. Stories allow you to post more frequently, even multiple times in a day.

Instagram Stories don’t have to be formal as posts on your feed. You can start by sharing your twist of a viral meme, Monday motivation quotes, or BTS from your workplace on your stories. Instagram Reels is another effective feature, which is just like the popular app TikTok.

Reels are all about short entertaining videos with a touch of trendy music. And it’s a fun way to follow trends and create informative content for your audiences.

You should consider both types of content while planning your Instagram marketing strategy 2021.

Nevertheless, Instagram Stories allows you to post interactive content such as polls and Q&As on stories. There are various tools in your control to attract follower engagement.

There’s more to this… did you know that you could create your own filters? Yes, Instagram allows you to create filters or special effects that are applied over any ordinary image to enhance its beauty.

So, creating a unique Instagram filter for your brand to promote your brand.

Final thoughts

Instagram is a great channel to market your business to the target audience. These Instagram marketing strategy tips given above enables you to connect with your potential customers and share content that is relevant to them. Needless to say, Instagram is a powerful way to gain new leads and conversions for your business.

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