Why Google is suspending more accounts in 2021?

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    Got my last 2 account blocked in Google ads? Why are they suspending and is there way to avoid it.

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    Kamlavathi Ravichandran Mudliyar

    There are many possible reasons why your account was suspended. If you can’t restore a Google account, it might be due to one of the following reasons:

    The same user’s account has already been suspended 5 times during the same calendar year.
    In extreme cases, Google requires waiting 24 hours before restoring an account.
    The user’s account was automatically suspended by Google for abuse.
    You’re using the legacy free edition of G Suite.

    But there’s a way out to reactivate your account.

    Here’s how to restore a Google account that’s been suspended by Google. To restore an account suspended by an administrator, go to Restore a suspended user.​

    Sign in to your Google Admin console.
    Sign in using an administrator account, not your current account.

    From the Admin console Home page, go to Users.
    In the Users list, find the user. For details, go to Find a user account.
    Click the user’s name to open their account page.
    At the top left, a message indicates why the user’s Gmail account is suspended.

    (Optional) To find out how the user can avoid exceeding bandwidth limits in the future, go to Gmail bandwidth limits.

    At the top right, click Reactivate.
    Note: Within the Users list, you can also click Moreand thenReactivate within a users column.
    If the Reactivate option isn’t available, you must wait up to 24 hours before the limits are reset automatically. During this time, the user can still use other Google services.

    Click Reactivate to confirm.

    The user’s Gmail account will be enabled within 15 minutes, after which they can sign in and access their email.

    Hope this helps.

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