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    What happens if I use a banned hashtag?

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    Hashtags and Instagram are like a pair of twins, they can’t be separated. There are hardly some posts on Instagram without hashtags. Hashtags help you bookmark your photos on Instagram and can also increase the reach of your post. Many hashtags are banned for their own specific reasons.

    Here’s some of them, you can’t believe are banned: #alone #asia #attractive #beautyblogger #besties #books #babe #beyonce #desk #date #easter #followforfollow #girlsonly #happythanksgiving #mustfollow #newyears #newyearsday #single #valentinesday #woman etc…

    Do your research and know all the hashtags that are banned to avoid using them. If your post contains any of the banned hashtags, then you are hidden from hashtag searches (all your hashtags stop working, even though they are not banned) and explore pages – basically, your post doesn’t exist. You may also get flagged for spam! Multiple flags could lead to serious issues like shadowbanning, blocking, or account removal. Instagram is banning hashtags to take action against hacking, spamming, abusing, and so on. Some hashtags that seem harmless and common are banned for a reason.

    So, be careful about the hashtags you use. Usually, a post should contain around 10 -30 hashtags. Make sure they are trending and relevant to your post.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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