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    I own a local medical store, and I’m planning to build its online presence, which would be the best strategy to implement to gain maximum results?

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    SEO is a long-term strategy and involves the well-optimized setup of your website and online presence, ultimately bringing you more organic search and referral traffic. You don’t have to pay for this traffic, but you’ll have to spend time and money to get it right.

    SEO is always considered an important element of digital marketing, and it’s often overlooked and underestimated by both business and web developers.

    Google AdWords is a fast way of bringing targeted traffic to your website. It is quick to set up, and a far effective way to generate traffic than SEO (generally). Both are ongoing investments, but you’ll only pay for AdWords clicks when people are interested in your product (generally).

    With SEO you have to invest before you get the traffic. But with Google AdWords, you only pay when people click through to your website. Both are important. Certain SEO elements will help improve the quality of your AdWords campaigns.

    It is important to understand that running paid advertising with Google will not make any difference to your organic search rankings, although it may improve the clickthrough rate of your organic listings (due to searchers subtly seeing your brand in an advert before scrolling down).

    So it depends on your need, for faster results you can go for Google Adwords, and for long-term results you can implement SEO. However, it’d be good to use both – SEO and Google Adwords to get better results.

    I hope this answers your question.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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