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    What is on page and off page SEO? What is the difference between them?

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    Kamlavathi Ravichandran

    On-page SEO is a method that is used for optimizing individual web pages in order to rank higher and attract traffic in search engines. In search engine optimization, like google, yahoo, on-page optimization refers to a factor that has an effect on your website and web page listing in the search results.

    Off-Page, SEO refers to the technique that can be used to improve the ranking of a website on a search engine results page(SERPS). Many people associate off-page SEO with link building but it is not only that. It is also used in promotion methods like website design, blogging, social bookmarking, etc…

    1.On-page Seo requires good content, giving an appropriate title for every page, good keyword selection, putting keywords in the right places, etc. On the other hand, Off-page Seo includes link building, increasing click-through rate, link exchange, etc.

    2. On-page SEO is optimizing the complete website. whereas off-page SEO is promoting the website.

    3. On-page SEO focuses on what your site is about and Off-page SEO determines how popular your site is.

    These are the key differences between On-page and Offpage SEO.

    On-page and off-page SEO work together to improve your search engine rankings in a complementary way. Balancing the two will help make your website well-optimized and can improve your ranking in SERP.

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    There are two different kind of SEO: On Page and Off page.
    On Page SEO is all about making pages with quality content that will help you rank better in the search engines while OFF PAGE SEO is mostly about Links, Social Media, Blog Comments and Guest Posts. In short, it’s all about getting traffic to your website/blog from other websites and sources.
    On-page SEO is the name given to all of the SEO techniques that you do on your website. For a complete guide on the various aspects of ON page optimization, view this link (https://marketingunfolded.com/b2b-seo-strategy/).
    The general rules of On page SEO are:
    1) Make Sure your website or blog is accessible to search engines. You can do that by adding proper Meta Tags, Title Tags and Description Tags and also by adding some essential keywords in your content. You can use the google keyword planner tool to find out what are the most searched words for your niche.
    2) O n your blog, articles, website make sure to include Keywords in your content and Title for the pages you create or else search engines won’t be able to index them properly and it will harm your SEO efforts.
    3) Write Unique Content with a good amount of Quality Backlinks, using relevant words and phrases in your post. Use Internal links for better user experience and for good SEO.
    Off Page SEO is all about getting traffic to your website by doing certain things or saying certain things that will help you get new visitors.
    The general rules of Off page SEO are:
    1) DO Guest Posts on Relevant Blogs/Websites offering a lot of quality content. The more the traffic, the better it is for you and your blog/website. Do not spam just for guest posting sake!
    2) Create Quality Links using relevant sources from your website to other websites that offer quality contents as well. You can use article directories, social book marking sites, etc..
    3) Participate in Blog Comments and Forums related to your niche. Do not spam, comment with care and do not use too many links or over-the-top comments.

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    SEO On page techniques are

    Meta Description
    Meta URL
    Internal linking
    External linking
    Heading tags
    Alt text

    Off page techniques are

    Article submission
    Blog submission
    Classified submission
    PPT sharing
    PDF submission
    Bookmarking submission
    Directory submission
    Local business listing

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    On page refers to the content and optimization of a webpage, such as title, heading tags, word count etc. Off page refers to links coming from another website pointing towards your website which will improve its ranking in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). SEO tools can have many different functions, from link analysis to on page optimization. Ranking reports typically will show you where your webpage ranks for a given keyword or set of keywords. An SEO audit however, will be a more in depth review of your website’s health, including ranking factors, link building opportunities, broken links etc. Ranking reports typically come as a part of an SEO audit. What are some on page SEO factors?
    – Keyword use in Title tags, H1s etc. – Keyword use in URL
    – Keyword us in HTML tags
    – Use of LSI keywords
    – Number of internal links to other useful pages on your website of what is referred to as “linking root domains”
    – How often your website is updated
    – The amount and quality of content on each page What are some off page SEO factors?
    – The number of quality links coming from other websites to your website – Who is linking to you, what type of sites are linking to you etc.
    – The strength and relevance of those links
    – How old those links are

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