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    What are the some new interesting features update in Google ads?

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    The new Google Ads experience has a number of exclusive new features that aren’t available in the previous AdWords experience, including: Account optimization “Overview” page : Get curated performance insights that are generated by Google about your account, campaigns, and ad groups.

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    Some new Google ads features in 2021 are

    Image extension
    Signals to improve performance from dispaly and smart campaigns
    Stopped the support for broad match modifier
    Added features to add negative keywords in smart campaigns
    Improvement in lead form extension

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    Kamlavathi Ravichandran

    Google released new smart features and ways to buy ads on its different channels.

    Google Ads Update#1: Promotion Extensions
    Promotion extensions allow you to update promotions that you can append to your text ads. Whether you’re sharing a discount code or simply sharing a site-wide discount, these ad extensions will send your CTR’s skyrocketing!

    Google Ads Update #2. More Targeting Tools
    When looking to get the right people viewing your ad in Google search, you have plenty of tools to use.
    Now add two more: affinity audiences and in-market audiences.Affinity audiences are great for broadening your ad’s horizon. Meanwhile, in-market audiences help you find bottom-of-the-funnel customers who are more primed to make a purchase.

    Google Ads Update #3. Lead Form Ad Extension
    Lead generation gives you more data about your prospective customers. And with more data, you can better communicate and customize your interactions. And that leads to higher conversions.

    Google Ads Update #4. Maximize Conversion Value with Smart Bidding
    Google Ads is making things easier, more automated, less labor-intensive. You give Google ads a budget, and Google ads will do their best to maximize your conversion value. Google will go out and try to increase the total revenue – the total value of your campaigns. This could mean Google’s strategy tells itself to go after a less expensive product or service in your catalog. If that’s where Google sees the opportunity, that’s where it will go.

    Google thinks of the user but also thinks like a business, looking to increase its revenue. But by using the tools given in the update, you can adapt your strategies and increase your revenue.

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