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    We have a local hardware and sanitary store in Delhi NCR and want to use Google so that more Poeple can come to our store and buy products.
    We also want to get phone call inquiry.
    Using banner ads, how to target local audience in Google?


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    Kamlavathi Ravichandran Mudliyar

    You can use Google AdWords to attract a lot of consumers to your local business, which in turn, can boost your sales. In case you don’t know, Google AdWords is one of the most effective means of paid online advertising.

    Thousands of businesses make use of this advertising channel to advertise their products and services.

    1. Claim Your Google My Business Page
    Google My Business (GMB) lets web searchers easily find information about your local business on search, Google plus, and maps. The good thing is that GMB is free, it’s super easy to manage, and it offers you the control to present your local business in the best possible way.

    2. Use On Call-Only Campaigns
    if you’re advertising or you are planning to start, begin with one of the latest features of Google (Call-Only Campaigns). With call-only, search engine users can just search and then call you if your busy shows up at the SERP, without any landing page barrier in-between. What this means is that phone calls will also be critical in the conversions of your AdWords campaigns occurring via landing page visits.

    3. Use Location Ad Extensions
    Being local is an advantage over your competitors.
    Therefore, you want to ensure that your prospective customers are aware that you are local once they see your ad.

    This can be easily achieved while creating your Google AdWords account by simply selecting “Location Extensions”,. After selecting location extension, googe will show your location Address and other info along with Google ads in Search result

    If you effectively advertise on Google via AdWords with free tools like Google My Business, you can expect to see a significant increase in the number of local buyers coming to your store, office, or call your customer agent.

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