How long does it take to make a YouTube video?

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    What is the approximate time required to make a YouTube video from scratch?

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    Actually, it depends on the type of video you want to make. If you’re making an instructional video, it takes a number of hours for preparation and recording time, and for editing/special effects (around 4-5 hours), because of the length of the video and to cover up errors you made in the process of directing it! On the other hand, for interviews or monologues, where you’re just talking to the camera about a topic, you may spend around half an hour elaborating some bullet points of things you want to explain, shoot for about 10 minutes, then spend 30mins – 1 hour for editing.

    When the video is ready, designing the thumbnail and writing a catchy title and description is may take another 30 mins, and it’s ready for the world to watch.

    So yes, it takes a lot to make original YouTube videos from scratch. Otherwise, you can depend on graphics with some video-making apps but it may or may not get you, subscribers, as the real ones do. If you’re just starting off with making videos, it may take a lot longer than what I mentioned above, and please don’t stress out if you encounter little errors again and again – they’re normal as long as you’re learning. Videos are the most desirable content today, so it’s going to be worth it but remember that what you show should provide good value to your subscribers – everything comes after that.

    All the best!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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