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    How to Measure SEO Success?

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    The success of your SEO strategy depends on your goals. If your SEO is done through an organic approach, then it may take around 3-6 months to crawl to the top. The more the better.

    And if it’s paid or you’re using an unpaid plugin then you can measure it after a month. Let’s say that you want to measure the success of an SEO campaign, you first need to establish what your goals are. For example, If your business prefers phone calls, it is usually recommended by experts to implement call tracking to capture the source of all phone calls you receive. Or if the aim of the campaign is to increase contact form submissions (or a mix of the two) then you need to set up contact form conversion goals.

    Once you outline all of your organization’s goals, then you can work on custom conversion goals and track your success month after month or year after year. To give an example of Conversion Goal Tracking – track contact form submissions, email newsletter sign-ups, and phone calls.

    Pro tip: Most businesses create a Google Business Account to make an online presence of their brand, make sure your business is well-established on Google.

    You can also find some companies that offer paid software and tools subscriptions that measure SEO. Although they come with some good features, they can cost you some money.

    Hence, do some research and see what works for you depending on your business type and budget.

    All the best!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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