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    Which type of landing pages are good to run real estate campaign on Google ads that convert more visitors into leads.

    Should we ask visitors to fill a form or we ask to enter their email to download brochure?

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    Kamlavathi Ravichandran Mudliyar

    For a real estate’s business pop-ups and forms can work well to fetch valuable information.

    Tip #1: Keep Lead Capture Forms & Search Tools Simple

    Lead capture forms can be a great option to generate leads for your business. Note that simplicity is key when it comes to your landing pages, and this goes for everything from the imagery to the copy to the CTA’s and search functionality.

    When people are beginning the process of buying or selling property, they don’t want to read a long book of fine-print text. Whether you’re trying to generate leads through an email collector form or just simply have your visitors search for properties through your landing page, make sure that your copy and design is simple, relevant, and to the point.

    Tip #2: Test Out a Lightbox Pop-Up CTA
    Whether it’s a pop-up that appears as you land on a page or when you exit, these lightbox pop-ups truly work! They appear in the center of the page, fading out the background so you’re solely focused on that form.
    While pop-ups might seem interruptive and annoying, they work so well because they truly get the user focused on that CTA, and if your CTA is compelling enough then they’ll be more likely to provide their information. The key to doing this well is by offering something in return for the user’s email.

    So why not give pop-ups a shot? They could really boost your lead list, and even lead to more business!

    You could use any one tip or both of them to test your lead generation. Hope this helps

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