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    Sameer Kazi

    I have newly started a small business of garments, does Facebook allow you to advertise for free if you’re new to this?

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    Abhijeet Mahunta

    Technically, you can’t shoot ads on Facebook for free. However, if you’re starting for free then create a Facebook Business Page. You’ll need to choose your business category (clothing). Set up your business page with correct information such as your contact number, business email, and other basic information. Write about your business story briefly to let people know why you’re here and what you offer.

    Post-high-quality photos but the real ones, (the garments you’re marketing). Then get people or clients to write reviews for your business page. At the same time make sure that your page doesn’t look like just another business but a brand.

    Once, in a while, you can post quotes, facts, or a customer in fashion (it’ll be like an endorsement). Also, let your audience know what they can expect.

    Make things interactive, you can post polls to let your prospects choose between this or that. Post at least 3 stories through your business page, you can post behind-the-scenes or little sneak peeks to keep things real.

    Videos and hashtags can make your posts reach better if you post them with the right caption, location, and tags.

    You can market on Facebook for free but it does require you to create and share entertaining as well as informative content daily. Until you afford to shoot paid ads, use your Facebook business page to post about your products and services, inspirational quotes, and some customer reviews. A well-optimized Facebook page keeps the attention of your followers and can attract new leads to your brand.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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