Do You Need a Landing Page For PPC Marketing?

ppc landing page

A Landing Page can be any page on your website that we use in Pay Per Click ads.

Users click on your ads and land on that landing page to learn more about your services or products and then take actions like calling you for buying your products.

You don’t need a landing page or website for running some types of PPC advertisement like

  • Running a lead campaign through Facebook ads
  • Promoting your local Google My Business listing
  • Advertising any video on YouTube

But for other major types of advertisements, it is always a required entity. Let us know more about the importance of a landing page for PPC marketing.

Landing Page for PPC Marketing Is Highly Recommended

We highly recommend having a landing page or website because these are virtual faces to your businesses.

Users need to learn about your company, your products, or services before they contact you or before they do any transaction with you. In most of the digital marketing situations, you must have a website or landing page.

Like if you want to run Google search advertisement, display ads, shopping ads, and other Facebook campaigns then a landing page or website is required.

Make Useful Landing Page with Clear CTA

To use PPC Services for lead generation or selling a single product, we will suggest you have a relevant landing page with a clear Call to Actions.

A Call to Action is a marketing term used for an element that is designed to persuade people in taking some actions. You might have seen clickable buttons on some landing pages that say “Grab This Deal Now”, which is a Call to Action button.

Similarly, you can have lead generation forms, a text that encourages people to take some actions or maybe a popup with some guidelines.

Good Landing Pages bring More Conversions At a Low Cost

A single-page website or landing page increases the conversion rate and so you can get the maximum number of leads at a low cost.

So we always suggest having a professional landing page ready before you plan for the PPC advertisement.

  • Which types of Landing pages can bring maximum business to you? 
  •  Do you need a landing page or a complete website for your business?
  •  How much does it cost to build a landing page?

We can answer all your questions and can provide an affordable solution. All you need to do is contact us today or chat us on WhatsApp.