Do Google Ads Really Work?

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Around 3 to 4 out of ten customers always have these few doubts with them,

Do Google Ads really work?

Do the people get the result from Google Ads?

I think it’s very costly.

Competitors click on our ads and waste lots of money.

Google is cheating, there are lots of click fraud, and so on.

The concerns of these people are genuine and we need to seriously look into this matter and answer these queries. There are millions of people who have lost trust in the Google Ads systems.

It may be due to many reasons but for them, they have lost lots of money without getting any positive results, and thus they have a negative opinion about the Google ads.

Why Do Google Ads Not Work For Many Advertisers?

There can be many reasons, but as per my opinion, below are the main reasons for not getting results.

1. Lack of Confidence In Google Ads: Many 1st time advertisers don’t have enough confidence in Google and as a result, they don’t give enough time to optimize and wait for the result. After running a few days or weeks, they stop advertisements without understanding how does it work. They expect that it will start working from the very first day.

2. Investing Lots of Money Since Day One: Without sufficient data about past performance, many people think that people will come to their website and will buy their product only because they are using correct keywords. They don’t understand user behavior, how to write winning ad copies, and are completely unaware of the importance of landing pages.

3. Not willing to Hire a PPC Expert: Such people watch some youtube videos or join any online course and start using Google ads. They don’t know that getting the result from Google ads is like winning a war and you need to have real hand experience to win the battle. They waste money and time trying to do themself. They could save more by hiring some experienced PPC agency.

4. Some Hire PPC Agency But Don’t Give Them Full Freedom: For many PPC companies or experts, this is a real pain. People hire an expert but they want them to work according to their ideas. It is true that business owners have a better knowledge of their business and they should give their opinion about their product/services and customer behavior, but let the expert do technical work like deciding ad copies, writing great Google Ad Copies, using keywords, and suggesting for landing pages.

5. Lack of Clear Goal: While working for many businesses, I have found this very challenging. They keep pushing to keep their ads on the top position and also want maximum conversion at a low cost. They don’t understand that with the proper ad position, the cost can be reduced and conversion can be increased. There are lots of factors that contribute to the conversion. One day the end up spending lots of money and getting less conversion.

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There are many other reasons for Google ads not working for many businesses. Some businesses are not able to make it profitable due to low-profit margin, poor backed process, or maybe a bad product.

So I will not say that Google Ads will work 100% for everyone, but it can work for most of the businesses with proper planning and making a solid PPC process.

If you are a business owner reading this post, then I will suggest you talk with a PPC expert and clear your doubt. Discuss them about the process, your budget and expectation, and what can be the possible outcome.